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Module: Organisational Behaviour Essay Title: Assignment 1

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...Self-Analysis My environment was not very stable growing up. The definition of “dysfunctional” definitely comes to mind when looking back on the family unit that I was raised with. However, I do recall that watching how others around me socialized and interacted taught me that there were other ways of living and loving and I was determined to learn them. From an early age, I learned in bible school to treat people the way I wanted them to treat me, ie. The Golden Rule. I also learned that regardless of how I was treated in my home life by my siblings and parental figures, I could CHOOSE to treat others differently. I always knew that the way my father believed he should speak, interact, care for and discipline us was not the right way. As a child, I watched my neighborhood friends interact with their families, and it opened my eyes to how a normal family treats one another. For instance, I recall a certain neighborhood boy who always smelled on the school bus. Other children were so cruel to him; I would listen to them taunt him every day. One day, I stood up and socked one of his bullies in the nose. From that day forward, Wyatt Burkett and I built a friendship based on loyalty and mutual respect. It is surprising that my ability to stand up for my beliefs caused more people to respond to me and become my friend. I learned that you have to stand up for what you know in your heart is the right thing to do and people will respond to that socially. According to Kegan and......

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Self Analysis I want to be considered as a humanitarian. I am now working toward the promotion of generational wealth of our youth. Once we’re gone it’s in their hands to maintain the upkeep and stability of our world. Being a humanitarian is a great reminder on the type of impact I would like to leave with the people. I never considered myself a follower but once I started to face my problems head on and gain a different outlook on life, the leadership qualities I now possess began to shine from within. A leader is known for making things happen and being in control. If we had nothing but followers in the world we would never expect change. Being a humanitarian and a leader are ideal roles for the achievement of success I have. “Me” Self-Concept Being self-aware is knowing the pros and cons of your own personality. In a broad sense I love myself and I have no flaws. In reality there are many different praises and critiques I give myself on a daily basis. I take great pride in how loyal I am to myself and others. Loyalty derives from respect and trust which are great qualities to have in family, friends, and relationships. Loyalty can make or break any relationship I have with someone. The more independent a person is the more I like them. Independence is a key factor about myself that I am thankful for. You have to have independence to be able to function in the world. Those that rely on others for certain things show signs of weakness. Those that lack independence are likely to......

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...Self-Assessment Log DUE: Wednesday POINTS POSSIBLE: 10 Post on the private Feedback discussion board. DO NOT post to the regular discussion board. *In the subject put: "Week (Insert Week Number): Self-Assessment." This is just like the assignment says--this is your self-assessment. This assignment is worth 10 points and will help you understand where your weekly, as well as final, score is coming from. The example below shows the simple format that I am looking for. The information includes the day, what you did, how many points you believe that you should receive for each assignment, number of days of participation with points, and a total number of points. NOTE: Self-Assessment example: Friday: posted a reply on the discussion board Saturday: posted Discussion Questions and 2 replies (30 points) Sunday: No postings Monday: posted Topic of the Week (40 points) Tuesday: posted on the discussion board Wednesday: posted 2 replies on discussion questions and the Self-Assessment Log (10 points) and the Self-Analysis Paper (10 points) Participated: 5 out of 7 days (50 points) Total: 140 points. I will either agree or disagree with your weekly self-assessment log. This will help you keep up with your grade, as well as help me to keep in touch with you. I will be posting grades in the Blackboard grade book; I will be corresponding with you each week. If we disagree on a score, I will be able to see exactly where you and I are disagreeing through this......

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...Teachers and students have distinctive learning styles. To become a successful learner; you must first understand how the human brain processes information. Each writer has their personal instinctive writing style, and can show how the brain functions. This writer will show how learning styles are applied to K-12 students and why it is important to recognize these characteristics. Self Analysis The reflective learner, “likes to work alone, and lecture can be difficult if not given time to digest (Trustees, 2009).” Reflective learning is part of the intuitive learning style. The writer is able to comprehend information by having time to think about the material, and by not just reading and memorizing the information. Reflective learners have to writer, summarize, and come up with questions to the material. The reflective learner has to look over the information more than just one time. For example, a reflective learner would have to write down the information that is given in a lecture as it is being given. Reflective learners have to learn through writing and listening to lectures. How does this apply to K-12 students? Reflective learning is used every day in the classroom to help the teachers engage in giving the students instruction. Teachers are able to share their insights with other teachers. Teachers are able to see what is working in the class with the students and what needs fixed for future lessons. In the article, An Integrated Model for......

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