Self-Assessment of Leadership Practices

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Self-Assessment of Leadership Practices

In this paper, you will be introduced to my leadership self-assessment based on seven habits profile. I will share with you more in detail regarding my strengths, weaknesses and recommendations for leadership development. In the end, I will present you with SMART goals in order to support my future goals.

Seven Habits Profile and Findings

Seven habits profile is a self-scoring statement form. Using the best judgment, reading each statement, I circled the number that indicated how well I perform in each of the eight listed categories. After completing the seven habits profile, I ranked as follows: OUSTANDING (17 points)
Emotional Bank Account
Think Win-Win
Seek First to Understand
VERY GOOD (15 points)
Be Proactive
Put First Things First
Sharpen the Saw VERY GOOD (14 points)
Life Balance
Begin with the End in Mind

I have chosen to group the results based on the number of points. My results of seven habits profile indicate that I am people-oriented person rather than task oriented person.
Indeed, throughout my working life, I made individual decisions to step out of career path and instead serve others as a lay missionary or volunteer. Following the dream to explore and discover the world, I also dedicated one entire working year to just traveling, meeting with people from different cultures.
The results of seven habits profile also shows the opportunities for my future improvements by having more control over my life, knowing what I want to accomplish in life with a clear long term and short term plan.
I find myself to have the closest correlation in the leadership theories to the servant leader. Having empathy for others, good listening skills, being aware of people situation, pursuing growth and well being is my interest. The following is my personal…...

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