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Semiotic analysis of gender in advertising

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The Purpose of this paper is to write a semiotic analysis of the advertisement ' Kylie Minogue, ‘Inverse for men', that addresses the representation of gender. That is, how is femininity and masculinity is “constructed” within the advertisement?

The advertisement was taken from a press release for this fragrance on, within the 'Him' section. is a top UK website for women it is typically aimed at a target audience of ‘today’s busy women as they search the site for lifestyle information’ (

My analysis of this advertisement will look at the key signifiers and what they are signifying, the denotation and connation’s in the advertisement and the technical codes – photographic imagery, in the visual image and how they represent and reinforce gender stereotypes.

In the advertisement one female stands between two males. One of the males is fully clothed and stares into the camera the other male is semi nude.
The Female in the picture stands with her back to the clothed male. Her arm is around the shoulder of the semi nude male, the other arm loops on top of the semi nude models arm that is reaching down her thigh.
This denotative analysis is based on what is actually in the picture, “'denotation' tends to be described as the definitional, 'literal', 'obvious' or 'commonsense' meaning of a sign” (Chandler, Daniel (1994)). Given this is, it is important to know that denotative analysis is like all semiotic analysis is subjective to contextual and cultural knowledge of the viewer.

Connotations will also be drawn by the viewer depending on their contextual and cultural knowledge.
The female in the advertisement is given sexual power in the advertisement through her seductive stare. She is also depicted as having power over the man in her…...

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