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Fragments are incomplete sentences. The next few examples are not sentences, but word groups that are incomplete sentences (fragments).
1. After Starbucks Coffee opened. Several local coffee shops went out of business.
2. Several young people are learning old-fashioned dances. Such as ballroom dancing for the Nutcracker ballet.
3. The woman always wears pant suits and heels to the office. Then takes off her heels and jacket by noon.
1. After Starbucks Coffee opened. This statement does not follow through and complete the thought by telling what happened after Starbucks opened. Correct the fragment by adding it to the sentence that precedes it.
2. Such as ballroom dancing for the Nutcracker ballet. This word group does not have a subject and a verb, and it does not express a complete thought.
3. Then takes off her heels and jacket by noon. This word group lacks a subject. Correct the fragment by adding the subject she to the beginning of group of words. A word group must contain a subject and a verb for it to be a complete sentence. A complete sentence will also express a complete thought and it either stands alone or could stand alone. This is also known as an independent clause. You can spot a fragment because it will not make sense by itself. A fragment is less than a sentence because it lacks a subject, lacks a verb, and does not express a complete thought.
The following material will cover the four most common types of fragments, with examples and instruction on how to correct these fragments.
Dependent-Word Fragments
Although dependent-word fragments do contain a subject and a verb, they do not express a complete thought. To complete the thought, they depend on another statement, usually that comes after the fragment.
Example: Dependent-Word Fragment
Because my neighbor was playing loud music. I could not fall asleep.
This fragment…...

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