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Setting Function of “Boys and Girls” In “Boys and Girls”, Alice Munro uses imagery to describe a historical setting that challenges the main character’s viewpoint, who is not given a name, on her position in her family as a female. The author illustrates the characters and the obligations of their gender in the society of the 1940’s. Munro also gives a place setting with scenery full of senses, making the story come alive to the reader, setting multiple moods, and supporting the theme to the story. The author has written the story in a time frame which viewed that women were obligated to be in the house cooking and cleaning, while the father and sons were to be outside doing labor work. A great example is the description of the mother who rarely came out of the house. “She looked out of place with her bare lumpy legs, not touched by the sun, her apron still on and damp across the stomach from the supper dishes.” “She did not often come out of the house unless it was to do something-hang the wash, or dig potatoes in the garden.” (141) This not only introduces the character, but gives the reader a visual perception of the character’s daily duties. In the second paragraph of the story there is a description of pelting the foxes; what the protagonist’s father does for a living. “My brother Laird and I sat on the top step and watched. Then there was the smell…My father scraped away delicately, removing the little clotted webs of blood vessels, the bubbles of fat; the smell of blood and animal fat with the strong primitive odor of the fox itself, penetrated all parts of the house.” (138) Munro did an excellent job describing the detail about the work the main character’s father is doing throughout the story, and is now physically and emotionally able to be experienced. The protagonist tries to oppose…...

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