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Sex Discrimination: Not a Thing of the Past

Sex Discrimination: Not a Thing of the Past

For many years, there has been a debate in regards to the gap in gender pay. The pay gap between men and women has been a hot topic of discussion in the corporate world for decades; and now most recently, in the court system. In The New York Times editorial: “Wal-Mart v. Women”(2011), a group of current and former female employees join forces alleging charges of sex discrimination by the retail giant; and seek an enormous amount of damages in the form of back pay. The Supreme Court must decide whether Wal-Mart has been wrongfully accused or whether the women are justified in their accusations and can proceed with the class action law suit that will finally shed light on the issue that so often is dismissed.

The controversial topic heats up as the Supreme Court prepares to make a ruling on the class action law suit between Wal-Mart and female employees that claim they have been discriminated against in the form of pay and promotions. According to the editorial, “Wal-Mart v. Women” (2011), it began in 1999 when a female employee discovered that she was being compensated far less than a male employee that held the same position and had less experience. When the female employee discussed the matter with the supervisor, several excuses were made; and ultimately her concerns were overlooked, dismissed and the female employee was fired. Since then, several current and former employees have come forward with similar claims. According to “Wal-Mart v. Women” (2011), court records show that “120 sworn statements made recounting sex discrimination in pay and promotion but also in the work environment” should be considered sufficient evidence in having a court investigate and review the allegations which should be viewed as very…...

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