Should Abortion Be Legal

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Should abortion be legal?
With the recent presidential campaign of 2012 one of the greatest issues of concern for the democrats and republicans is; should abortion be legal? During the presidential debate of 2012 each candidates expressed their concerns about abortion. It boils down to moral reasoning and core values. Logic gives the ability to decide what we believe to be true based on premise and conclusion. We use logic to decide whether an argument it is ethical or justifiable. Often times these decisions are formed by the media, religious affiliation and family values. These arguments come from many areas. Most commonly they are from the politics/law, science and women’s rights. The question is should abortion be legal? The Democratic Party supports Roe v. Wade and a woman's right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay. Roe v. Wade has been a monumental case associated with a woman’s right to choose. With the Democratic Party in favor of women right to make her own decision on the basis of sanctity of life many people on this side of the spectrum voted in favor of a democratic president that represents their own core values. This particular issue affects people in the here and now along with people that are yet to come.
Republicans oppose Roe vs. Wade because of the sanctity of human life. They believe that the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed upon. By supporting human life they declare that the Fourteenth Amendment’s protections apply to unborn children. No public revenues should be used to promote or perform abortions. The government should not fund or support subsidized health care that would allow abortion. “Republican leadership has led the effort to prohibit the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion and permitted States to…...

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...Should Abortion be legal? 2 Should abortion be legal? What is abortion and who does it affect? An abortion is to terminate a pregnancy by removal of the fetus . The woman is affected by it because it’s her body that this method is performed on. There are millions of abortions done every year, and 95% are done illegally in the United States of America. There are different methods a woman can do to have an abortion done. Some of the methods are taking the” Morning after Pill”. This method will make the woman have a miscarriage within 48 hours. Another method is to have a surgery to remove the baby or fetus. This method gives you up to 22 weeks to have an abortion. The first reason why women have abortions is the mother is in a life threating position. The doctors are the ones who can say if its life threating or if the mother and baby can make it together. About 90% of women who are in life threating situation do not want to live, but they want the baby to make it. The life threating situation is because if the mother can be n a suicide watch and trying to kill the baby and herself. What if the woman fell into a coma while she is pregnant? How would the baby survive, if the mother is not eating and getting the right vitamins that she need for the baby. Sometimes you have to think about the good and the bad in some situations. The second reason women......

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