Should Gun Rights Be Limited?

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Should gun rights be limited? This is a broad question. I will focus closely to what was written in the attached article “Gun rights and corresponding responsibilities” from the Chicago Tribune by Christine Johanson Ross, of Buffalo Grove. The author breaks right into a non sequitur fallacy, as she is assuming that her thought on gun safety is “commonsense”. She uses many other examples throughout history to prove her point. She uses the similarity of restricted first amendment rights to justify why it is ok to impose additional laws for gun owners.
The author states that “20,000 American children and teens die from gun violence yearly”. The author does not state where she got her information from. The non-profit organization, Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) started in 1979, uses information from multiple government agencies. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2008 and 2009, reported a total of 5,740 children and teens aged 0-19, that were killed by guns. The CDF information is verified by the CDC.
Center for Disease and Control (CDC), reports annually on the number of deaths in the United States. The numbers below only include deaths caused by firearms. The CDC breaks its statistics down into smaller categories. This particular report is broken down by age and also by type of gun violence. Their numbers include a larger group than the author included, which were children and teens only. By my definition, children and teens would be aged 0-19. The author does not define her age group clearly. You can clearly see by this report that the author has over exaggerated her numbers to plead her case.
2010 CDC number and break down for firearm deaths are following:
Accidental discharge of firearms 207
Suicide by firearm 2127
Homicide by firearm 4108
Undetermined intent 70
Total 6305
Like in most articles, it is easy to…...

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