Should Physican Suicide Be Legal?

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Should Physician-Assisted suicide be legal?
LisAnn Marcum
PHI 103
Instructor: Bruce-Alan Barnard
September 16, 2013

Should Physician-Assisted suicide be legal?
This paper is an argumentative paper on whether it should or should not be legal for a Physician to aid in a patient’s suicide. Physician-assisted suicide transpires when a patient who has a terminal illness wishes to end their suffering and seeks help from their physician in aiding them to do so. This will be a challenging paper that will take a look at whether or not it is legal for a physician to help in assisting a patient’s suicide, if this practice is ethical, moral, and/or unconstitutional. A great deal of the general public feel as though this form of practice is alright because if the patient is suffering then something should be done to help them. On the other hand many feel it should be left up to God to decide when our time is up. In the end it is between the patient and their physician. Physician assisted suicide is a scandalous issue that has remained disputed for centuries. The arguments are still going on in the present day about if it should be ethically accepted. Many feel this kind of action ought to remain being left up to God, others see this argument as though if the patient is in pain and distress shouldn’t something be allowed to be done in order to help them. “Deductive arguments offer reasons to accept a conclusion, and those reasons should provide all information we need to determine if the conclusion is adequately supported.” (Mosser, 2011) Here would be an example of an inductive argument: Premise-Physician assisted suicide is unethical. Premise-Physician assisted suicide is unethical everywhere. Premise-Physician assisted suicide is unethical at all times everywhere. Conclusion- Physician assisted suicide will always be unethical. “Inductive arguments…...

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