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Should English Be the Official Language of the United States?
Timothy Robinson Week 8 Assignment
English 215

Official English benefits every resident of this wonderful place called America. The country works-because we have a common language. English is the key to opportunity in this country. It empowers immigrants and could make us truly united as a people. Common sense says that the government should teach people English rather than provide services in multiple languages. What would happen if our government had to provide services for about 311 languages spoken in the U.S. (Rhein, 2007)? Without a common language, how long would we remain the United States? Here is a solution to that, have the immigrants to learn the language so they can get all of the services they need. But from a social standpoint, English should not be and official language.
Millions of people speak a language other than English. The United States is the most diverse country in the world. So why would we want to create a linguistically uniform nation? For starters, it would not be fair to people who has moved this country for hope of a better life. Yes eventually they would have to learn English; however it would great if others learn how to speak other languages to make it convenient for everyone, it would show that people are really for diversity, and it would limit the frustration of not understanding what a person is saying. People who cannot or do not speak English well often are look over when it comes to getting a job, if they cannot speak English, they can only make friends with others who speak the same language as them, and people tend to judge them and say prejudice things to them.
Society says that if you cannot speak English most likely you a person is not educated. The majority of people who do not speak the English language end up getting jobs as a maid, a nanny. If…...

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