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Shrimp Industry Study: Problems, Prospects and Intervention Agenda
Submitted To: USAID, BangladeshSubmitted By: ATDP Research TeamSeptember 18, 2005
Management Summary:
Shrimp is one of the leading export items of Bangladesh. It accounts for roughly 2.5 percent of global exports and fetches a fair amount of foreign exchange ($250-330million for last three years). There is ample demand in the international market for shrimp and Bangladesh is blessed with an environment congenial for shrimp production. However, the industry is fraught with many obstacles at present.A primary study was undertaken to detect the problems plaguing the different levelsof the value chain of shrimp in the country. Consequently, a study was conducted inwhich the participants were representatives of the various stakeholders in thisindustry. The discussion that ensued aimed to identify obstacles to the growth of theindustry, develop some intervention strategies that would help eradicate theseobstacles . The problems that were revealed through the study are the following:Inefficient management
High mortality rate
Low quality shrimp Negative country image abroad
Indiscriminate catching of brood mothers
Lack of an integrated agriculture policy
Inadequate Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary Measures (SPS)
Lack of standards and Lack of traceability
Vertical competition amongst different actors in the value chain due to supply-demand inconsistency
Lack of coordination amongst donor agencies
Lack of monitoring of compliance on the part of the government
Lack of awarenessUnfair practices by agents
Almost non-existent R&D endeavors

An integrated agricultural policy is a prerequisite for the development of any primary market. However, the present agricultural policy can at best be describedas disjointed and non-functional
There also exist serious shortcomings in the government…...

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