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Compared to other people in general, how would you rate your leadership ability? Please briefly explain in the space provided why you chose that answer. Top 10%. I believe there are two things a leader should have: concern and responsibility. Regularly, I talk to my fellows to know what they think about their work, and helped them find their positions. While work I will never give up and always try my best.

Please describe your career objective and what you have done to date to achieve it.
I choose financial advisor as my career way. Because I like to research and help people solving their problems. This decision just made up in last semester. I haven't prepared much for it but everything I have done I treated it seriously. As my major is International Economics and Trade, I choose some lessons that related to investment to learn. Meanwhile I read some books about investment principle and business comments on newspapers.
I choose auditing as my career way. Because auditing will provide me an opportunity to know many different companies and industries. I am an active and easy-going girl. I would like to cooperate with people from various backgrounds. This decision is made up in last year. As my major is Business Management, I choose some lessons such as accounting, auditing and finance to learn. Meanwhile I learned three CPA courses by my self and attended the examination in Sep, 2006. The CPA certification is one of my target in the coming year.

Please include any other information which you may consider relevant to your application.
As being a senior manager of financial profession in ten years is my goal ,I choose Ernest and Young as my career starting. Because E&Y is a top firm in Auditing, I can learn many things through work. So if I become a EY people, I would do as best as I can. Meanwhile I am a fast learner I can handle my work in a short…...

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