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Generally, people are attracted to others of the opposite sex, and therefore it is the norm for a couple of the opposite sex to be married. For such a reason, the marriage law was originally enacted to only allow a couple of the opposite sex to be legally married. However, for the past decade, there have been controversies regarding the marriage law—whether or not it should expand to allow same-sex marriages. A decision on such an issue is undeniably difficult as it not only affect the society, but also future generations. I believe that the marriage law should be taken into account on current theories of sexual identity because every individual is unique and we should not expect them to be part of the norm.
The development of sexual identity is a complex process and there are many factors that may affect it—genes, prenatal hormones, socialization, and many more that we have yet to discover. For this reason, we should consider all of these possible factors before calling someone a queer or setting the marriage law.
First, when a woman becomes pregnant, her body will undergo so many changes that sometimes the baby will be born with an extra X chromosome (Klinefelter’s syndrome). Though a person who is born with this syndrome usually have a male sexual identity, but the incapability for him to produce testosterone will cause breast developments so this factor may change his sexual identity. In other words, when a person with Klinefelter’s syndrome reaches puberty and breast development begins, he might think he is actually a female and will have a female sexual identity and become attracted to men. If a man is psychologically a woman and so it will be normal for him to be attracted to male. We cannot force him to change what he thinks of himself, nor can we force him to marry a female because he appears to be a male.
Second, hormones may tremendously affect how…...

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