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Last week I experienced a chilling illustration of the phrase “No publicity is bad publicity”. I was reading about how David Nicholls, author of One Day, which, back in 2010, peppered many a British-holidaymaker-strewn poolside (making those poolsides deliciously seasoned with accessible fiction – it’s fine, I’m on top of this), and was subsequently made into a successful film starring that thin actress, you know the one. OK, I realise that hardly narrows down the options – they’re narrowed down by the demands and constraints of a body-image-obsessed patriarchy, which insists they have no dinner. But yes, there are lots of thin actresses. But this one’s really thin. Come on, you remember – she had that award-winning haircut in the miserable musical, same name as Shakespeare’s wife. Something to do with a cottage. I’d Google her if I had time. Anyway, she’s in it.

I feel I’ve left a sentence open somewhere there – a dangling demi-clause (as when the Christmas float sped under the low bridge). Yes! That’s it: David Nicholls was explaining to the Cheltenham literature festival why there was such a long gap between One Day and his latest novel, Us. Which wasn’t that he refused to rush his new novel – it was that he didn’t. Refuse to, that is. He did rush it, is what I’m saying. What he specifically did was download a piece of software called Write or Die that requires you to bang the words out at a certain rate or it starts deleting them. Nicholls described it as like “writing with a gun to my head”. It enabled him quickly to generate 35,000 unusable words. That’s enough for another series of Top Gear.

It sounds like a nightmare. Even though most writers have chosen their careers and, if they make a living, feel privileged to do so, the writing itself can be like a glowering, unapproachable chore. A post-party student flat’s worth of washing up. Much pacing and…...

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