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1. Write a clearly defined mission statement for Sorzal Distributors.

Sorzal Distributors is an importer and distributor of a wide variety of South American and African artifacts aimed at offering high-quality and unique pieces of art. Sorzal Distributors mission is to honorably offer customers novelty items and develop a national reputation as one of the most respected importers of southwestern jewelry, pottery and artifacts.

2. What information is needed to evaluate an opportunity? What is the best target market for Sorzal Distributors?

Evaluating an opportunity requires a feasibility analysis that can show the extent to which the opportunity is a viable and realistic. In the case of Sorzal Distributors, it is important to take into consideration the set of internal and external factors that could influence opportunity assessment. Thus, it is important to weigh the knowledge, skills, and abilities of their top managers, to check the resources available, to have a solid knowledge of the preferences, values, and buying behavior of the target market, to understand who the customer is, to verify whether the product or service can boost the firm’s financial position, to analyze the competition in the market and to see whether the firm holds a sustainable competitive advantage over its rivals. Nevertheless it is also essential to check whether there are any barriers to the product’s entry into the market, to be aware of the legal and regulatory forces that could affect the business operations, and to estimate the cost needed for introducing the product or service in the market. Through looking into these factors, Sorzal Distributors would have the chance to understand whether investing in the opportunity will reward or risk the progress of the company.

What differentiates Sorzal Distributors from their competitors is the fact that they sell high value unique…...

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