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Sports medicine
Irisol Lopez
Mrs. Simmonds
March 8, 2013

Sports medicine
Thesis: In the future, because of the injury rates in sports, there will always be a demand for highly skilled sports trainers.
Future World of Work
Career Trends
Areas of Specialization
Related Occupations
Transferable Skills
Sports Medicine A. Education
Working Conditions
Resume * IV. Interview

Irisol Lopez
Mrs. Simmonds
March 8, 2013
Sports medicine
Since there is a high rate in sport injuries, there will always be a high demand for sports trainers. Sports trainers, major in in sports medicine, or minor in it and become coaches. Trainers use their extensive knowledge of physiology and of the sport, to know how to treat the injury.

The world of work is rapidly changing and evolving, unlike the environment that surrounds it. Technology, globalization, improvements in productions, consumer demands are all influencing the nature of work. Jobs are rapidly changing, as are the knowledge, skills and abilities required to preform them. High school diplomas are no longer the entryway to good paying jobs. Just because you graduate high school does not mean you have to stop learning. College helps you gain knowledge, you never imagined learning. (Miller) People wonder about the careers this is now, will they still be here in the next decade? There is many shifts in the world of work, now, due to technology changing so rapidly and new advances in medicine. (Richardson)

Employment is expected to increase within the next decade. “Industries and occupations related to health care, personal care and social assistance, and construction are projected to have the fastest job growth within the next decade.” Majority of the fast growing jobs will require a Master’s Degree. While those that only require a…...

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