Sprint Resisted Training

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Sprint-Resisted Training

Rashad Jefferies

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Sprint-Resisted Training

Training within sports is a vital part of becoming a world class athlete. Without the proper training, workouts, diet and willingness to put the time and work in, becoming a world class athlete is not likely to happen in your future. We have grown up in our lives and have had visions and dreams of becoming our favorite player. There were times when we as children would try to emulate popular sports figures Michael Jordan, Carl Lewis, Barry Sanders, the late Walter Payton and Wayne Gretzky. These sports figures that I mentioned have been named as greats in their perspective sport and they did not get there by just talent alone.

As I was growing up playing football, I wanted to be just like Walter Payton. The moves that he would perform on the football field week in and week out were amazing to my eyes and wanted to be just like him. Walter Payton had the total package; he had the moves, the strength and the speed to make defenders miss or he was able to just run right through a defender or outrun anyone trying to chase him down. He was just pure poetry on the football field. I was a good sized young football player up until the age of 13 when I stopped growing. I had the strength, because of doing push-ups and lifting weights, while my moves were also great because I practiced them every week. The only problem that I had left was becoming a faster back like Walter Payton. I have tried many different ways to get faster and faster, but nothing seemed to work the way that I would have liked it to work. My 40 yard dash time was steady at a 4.75sec. In order for me to be effective and use my speed as I got older I would need to get my 40 yard dash time down to a 4.5sec or lower. I have done exercise after exercise, I even signed up for Track and…...

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