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I. People have special ways to stay healthy and look good in their everyday life. A. The first thing they do upon getting up is drinking water. B. They usually drink some soup before starting lunch. C. Taking half hour nap in the afternoon is a good way to brace their energy. D. Eating dinner early and less. E. Before going to bed, they soak feet in hot water to relax.

People have special ways to stay healthy and look good in their everyday life. Since the body has rested for a few hours without fresh water, intake of a full glass of water helps to keep hydrated, clear systems and flush out toxins. It also can quickly make the intestines and the stomach work to digest their breakfast. Eating some soup such as chicken soup, beef soup or pork ribs soup is a very smart way to intake of nutrition. Recently, they find out having soup before lunch can help to reduce hunger levels and save more calories. In case of fast-paced life, their brain has run in high-speed for long hours. Therefore, they like to take a nap in the afternoon. They believe half hour napping not only can relieve the fatigue of body and mind, but also can extend their life greatly. Even though dinner is also very important, people usually make a light dinner which means less oil and less meat. Eating dinner early helps to lose weight, especially if they consume their meal four or five hours before they go to bed. A busy day has passed, they regularly put their feet into a tub of hot water to take a rest before sleeping. They realized that to form the habit of foot bathing can stimulate the blood circulation and have a better sleep. In conclusion, most of people pay more attention to keep in good health than…...

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