Strategic Hr Approach

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Strategic HR Approach
Professor Sherri Johnson
July 21, 2013

Strategic HR Approach
An employee of 25 years received cancer treatment and was hospitalized for 2 months. He or she is now asking for additional money to help pay medical bills.
In this scenario, AS the HR manager, I would go over the different health benefits that the employee had prior to his or her illness. If the employee had medical insurance, I would refer them to their selected medical provider to have them determine what benefits they are eligible for and also what they would need to do to obtain payment for their bills. I would also look into whether or not the employee had any type of disability insurance that they would have elected during their open enrollment period. This type of insurance is very beneficial in situations where the employee is out of work or has missed time from work due to an illness. If there are no other alternatives available for the employee there is always to ask employees to help donate to the employees cause, if the employee is willing to have this situation made public and be willing to accept donations given from fellow employees.
This approach will be the most effective because many times the employer is unable to help the employee with certain situations and this may very well be one of those situations. However, providing as much assistance as possible will make the employee feel that the employer has done everything that they possibly could to help the employee and did not just turn them away without any help.
• Accidents have been occurring in a department of 10 employees under a new supervisor. With the change in management, employees who worked for the company for more than 4 years complain that the new supervisor frequently micromanages, whereas the supervisor complains that the employees do not respect him…...

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