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A hydraulic fluid power system is defined as a means of power transmission in which relatively incompressible fluid is used as the power transmitting media. The primary purpose of hydraulic system is the transfer of energy from one location to another location and this energy into useful work. In this project fabricated model of Multipurpose Hydraulic angle forming machine will describe. Metal forming can be defined as a process in which the desired shape is obtained through the deformation of metals plastically under the action of externally applied force. The type of drive depends upon the length of the stroke needed and loads on the ram. In this project we have applied to the hydraulic force for the angle forming machine. The Hydraulic drive is used when a very heavy pressures is required on the ram this is used for drawing and forming operation .System pressure can be generated in the form of any physical action which results in a compression over the Hydraulic system.

BASIC PRINCIPLE 2.1 PASCAL’S LAW Fig no:1 * Pascal’s law states that the pressure applied anywhere to a confined liquid it transmitted equally to every portion of the surface of the containing vessel. * Refer the above fig. When a force is applied to the liquid by a piston, the liquid transmits this force equally to all surfaces of the container.


There are certain governing principles in a hydraulic system
1. All liquids are non-compressible and can be used to transmit power.
2. Any load to be lifted offers resistance to flow of liquid. This resistance to flow is pressure.
3. If the capacity of the pump is more, then it pumps out more liquid. If it pumps out more liquid, then it makes the hydraulic actuators (hydraulic cylinder) (or)…...

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