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Reliable Sources Worksheet

Step 1:

Library Tutorial Questions:

1. How do you narrow down your search to only full text articles or only journal articles? (Be specific in your explanation.) Type in the article you want to search then select search once you have done this on the left side of the page you can refine your search to full text or you can go under the content type and select journal article.

2. How do you go right to EBSCOHost? (Be specific in your steps describing how to get to that screen.) On the main page click on Library tab, then click on University Library, under Library Resources click General Resources, once you complete these steps then you will be brought to a page that has EBSCOHost on it and all you have left to do is click on EBSCOHost.

Step 2: Locate three scholarly sources in the University Library on one narrowed topic of your choice. Provide the required information for each sources. Below these three sources are also some questions for you to answer.

Source 1 *
Author: Alina Poalelungi, Bogdan O. Popescu
Credentials of Author: Assoc. Prof. Bogdan O. Popescu, MD, Ph.D., Colentina Clinical Hospital
(In ESBCOHost you can click on the authors’ names if they are in blue and it tells you some information about them; In ProQuest there is a little symbol that looks like a stick figure with a blue background that you can click on to get an author’s profile information). A little tip: the less credible resources, such as newspapers and magazines usually do not provide author information because they are merely journalists and have no field expertise in the subject):
Date: 2013
Title: Alzheimer’s Disease – Neurological or Psychiatric Disorder
Name of the Publication it was published in (for example, if it is a…...

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...After reading Chapters 1–6 in the McCullough text, answer the reflection questions below. Type directly in the boxes; they will expand as you type. Use complete sentences. Chapter 1 | Q: In your own words, define “godly character” and explain why it is important for a Christian educator to display such.A: Godly character is being like Christ in everyway. This does not mean that you have to be perfect, but strive to think, act and talk like Him. If we do this in all areas of our life we will have Godly character. It is important for a Christian educator to display Godly character, because this will teach the students they are teaching to do the same. If we show students that we love and are willing to help everyone no matter their background, then they will to learn to do the same. This also helps them trust us as teachers and lets them know we have their best interest at heart. We have to gain their trust and having Godly character helps. | Chapter 2 | Q: Respond to question 3 on pg. 32.A: I believe and hope my foundation for my personal life and work life are the same. Sometimes it is hard for me to talk about at work, because I work at a state hospital and there is a lot of diversity. Even though it is hard to talk about I try to let my actions show people what and how I believe. So, if sometimes people do not believe the same way I do, at least they can see something is different and know that it is Christ. | Q: Respond to question 4 on pg. 32.A: I do not think their......

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