Swatch Digital Impact Issues

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Swatch digital impact issues

Swatch is a brand name for a line of wristwatches from the Swatch Group, a Swiss conglomerate with vertical control of the production of Swiss watches and related products. In 1984, Swatch was conceived and it was introduced to the market in Switzerland in March 1985.

Swatch uses several software like Microsoft office, Adobe Creative Suite and other more technical software for the watches design and production.

Swatch has its own website: where a lot of information is available:
• The investors
• The job seekers
• The customers
• The media and press.

This website is very integral because it brings together many actors of the company.

The website is also offering the “Swatch Group Info Service” which allows everyone to get information easily and efficiently about all the services of the company.

Swatch is also present on Facebook, Swatch Watches has more than 650000 fans around the world and has a special page for every country, for example Swatch Türkiye has 220000 fans.
Swatch is also on Twitter.

Swatch has also a smartphone application:

Swatch uses the main social networks for its communication, the creativity is a pillar for Swatch and its communication has also to be creative, the digitals tools of today offers to Swatch a lot of way to develop his image through the world.

Swath communication:

In its communication Swatch put the environmental question at the first plan:

“Environmental and Safety policy environmental protection is a high priority policy within Swatch Group and has been part of its guidelines for decade” (2010 annual report)
Swatch has many axes of action to prove that its environmental concerns are not only on the paper:
• The energy consumption by floor space
• The electricity consumption
• CO2 emissions reduction
• Waste management

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