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Community Description
Fishers Indiana is the community of assessment. Fishers is a town in Hamilton County, it is located approximately 22 miles northeast of Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana. Fishers is approximately 33.59 square miles (United States Census, 2014). The first person to settle in Fishers was William Conner; he started a trading post that connected Fishers to Anderson Indiana. Anderson Indiana was connected to Connersville Indiana by Indian trail. The Indian trail connected to a state road which continued north to Fort Wayne Indiana allowing easy access for the first wave of early settlers (Fishers Indiana, 2014). In 1872 Salathiel Fisher, a property owner in Hamilton County near the railroad, divided his land into town lots. In the late 1800’s it was not unusual for individuals that owned property near railroads to split up their land to start new communities (Fishers Indiana, 2014). The Fishers town lots became known as Fishers Switch, then later as Fishers Station, and eventually The Town of Fishers (Fishers Indiana, 2014). The population of Fishers started slow. In 1960 the population was only 388 but with the relocation of highway 37 and eventually highway 37 connecting to I-69 the population began to increase (Fishers Indiana, 2014).
Fishers has become a large residential and business suburb of Indianapolis with many recreational and cultural events to explore. William Connor’s land is now an interactive historical site known as Connor Prairie (Fishers Indiana, 2014). Conner Prairie offers many interactive experience including going back 200 years to observe how William Connor and his family lived to symphony at the park, performed by the philharmonics. The town of Fishers celebrates an annual Fishers Freedom Festival along with an annual Fishers Renaissance Faire. Further statistical data and assessments continue in the…...

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