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Ted is a dark comedy full of “gut wrenching” laughter, this humorous satire is a film everyone from ages 17 and up should definitely check out. It’s a” must see”, actor/ director Seth McFarland (family guy) in one of his first big screen debuts scores two thumbs up for his sly but exhilarating story plot. Full of “peter griffin” type jokes and witty punch lines McFarland Captures all the fundamental aspects of a summer box office smash. As the plot thickens moviegoers and comedy lovers will experience a hilarious combination of humor and melodrama. There is no doubt that this film covers a logical story plot, comedy and a real life message all in one movie ticket. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Seth McFarland, Mila Kunis and a host of other upcoming stars, the cast is the dead giveaway of a masterpiece in the making.
The story starts off with a kid, (Wahlberg) who made a wish for a friend, not just any friend a “thunder buddy “to keep him company while growing up as a misfit in Boston. His parents bought him a teddy bear for Christmas to cater to their son’s lonely childhood, which came to life after one magical wish was granted. The boy wakes up to find his new teddy bear alive and full of wise cracking jokes with an oath to never leave his side. Time passed and the two became close as brothers, through the golden years of adolescence, young adulthood and even the mid-life crisis ages of the early 30’s.A conflict came about years after Wahlberg met his fiancée (Mila Kunis), causing him to make a life altering decision either lose the love of his life or put down his stuffed animal, best bud “ted”. Kunis began to notice Wahlberg’s ongoing favoritism to the bear and eventually breaks up with him. This dramatic turn of events gets ted and john into a fight that makes them go their separate ways, until the bear…...

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