Teens and the Internet

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Teens and the Internet

The internet highway has become the main source of information for many people. It also has become a form of communication for young adults and teenagers due to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I personally know several young people who spend a great deal of time on these sites. I also believe this can lead to obsessive and addictive behavior if there is no balance. Most of the teens I know have very active social lives. I think these sites are only used as a form of communication or a way of expressing their thoughts and feelings. On the other hand, these sites can be detrimental in that they may lead to cyber bullying and arguments which sometimes lead to violence. For some, socializing via the internet provides an escape from being bored. For teens, social networking sites are the best way to communicate in today’s busy lifestyle. For those that don’t yet have their driving license, it is the best way to keep in contact with friends without actually meeting face to face. If teens have an active life and the internet use does not replace school, sports and regular social outings, it is okay. The internet is a great tool in education. If used wisely its resources are invaluable. But, like anything else it needs to be monitored by parents to make sure this tool is used the right way to prevent children from becoming preyed upon and to prevent this tool like television from becoming an electronic…...

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...pregnant at least once before the age of 20.” () Most teens get pregnant because they want to know what it feels like to raise a child or because they see others with children and they find them cute and want them to themselves. Others get pregnant because they don’t know about the different ways of contraception and ways to stay safe. Many girls struggle with teen pregnancy because of their low confidence and self-worth. They feel that they are ugly and no guy would show them attention unless they give them what they want. In our society today Teenage Pregnancy affects both females and males in several ways. The issue of teenage pregnancy started to interest me when used to go to Pennsylvania with my friend a great percentage of the females there were actually pregnant and I didn’t really understand why. I wasn’t really sure how big or how serious teen pregnancy is, but with little knowledge and a tremendous amount of curiosity, I wanted teen pregnancy to be my topic. Scope Teen pregnancy is a continuously increasing problem in the United States today. The United States has the highest birth rates compared to places like Canada. In the United States, the 18-19 year old age group has the highest rate of teen pregnancy (“Teen” 1). Adolescents who are having sex without protection are those who are more likely to get pregnant. Teens who get pregnant have a greater chance of not completing high school or college (“Teen” 1). Those moms are usually the ones that end up......

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...  Teen Pregnancy Is A Social Issue There is no doubt that teen pregnancy is a growing problem within the United States. Teen pregnancy will have a big impact on both the parents, child, education, welfare, employment and social service, also the society as a whole. The United States has the highest rate than any other country where teen pregnancy is an issue. There are many factors that comes into play when teenagers considering having children. Many teens who get pregnant without considering the consequences that they will have to face Although pregnancy is an emotional challenge for teenage girls, but it is a social problem that is affecting various things. Some individuals understand that this is a concern to the teenagers, but not everyone understand the consequences that our society have to face. 85 percent of teen is sexual active around the age 15 and 19. Throughout this paper I will be discussing why teenage pregnancy is a social problem and the various problems and consequences it have on our society. First the teenage mothers, the baby and on to the new parents. Dramatic changes need to be made before it destroy our society. The youth need to be educated more about unprotected sex and the consequences that comes along with it. There are several reasons why teen pregnancy occur. Majority of the time teen pregnancy occur because of peer pressure. Teen pregnancy is a natural drive to conform. “The main reason that peer pressure is so easily driven......

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...conflict among you and your parent. That is why I hate seeing so many young ladies getting pregnant at an early age. When many of them had a bright future right within your grasps. I feel todays society has belittled this issue by accepting it as something of the norm. Young ladies today are put under allot of Pressure and they also feel the need to be accepted by their peers. They will go as far as to alter who they are for acceptance. As a teens they do not understand that what they do to day can hurt them tomorrow. So most of them do not feel the need for abstinence. So simply telling teens to refrain from having sex does not work. To reduce the number of teen pregnancies teens have to learn about both the risks of sexual conduct along with how to protect themselves if they decide to have sex. Teens need to know the consequences of teen pregnancy because if they know all of the consequences that may come from having sex. They will have a better understanding of why they should stay abstinent. When more teen are practicing abstinence number of teen pregnancyes in the U.S. will decrease....

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