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The Affects Natural Disasters have on Countries

There are many natural disasters that occur throughout the earth in many countries. Some natural disasters are devastating killing the lives of men and the environment they live in. Other natural disasters are portrayed to be just a bad day created by Mother Nature to just pass by. Overall, the natural disasters that can be catastrophic to people on earth are hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. All three natural disasters occur in many countries. Hurricanes are common in the United State of America, earthquakes are common in Mexico, and tsunamis are common in Japan. These three countries have experienced the worst damage from these natural disasters. The countries had to watch their people die, find a way to recover physically and mentally, and suffer from billions of dollars in damages. These people practically lose everything and have to find a way to rebuild what was lost. In order to save lives and help reduce damage from natural disasters, mankind has come a long way in technology to predict the size and location of each natural disaster’s destruction. Technology is not the same as it was one hundred years ago. With the help from NASA and scientists all over the world, people are able to give out broadcasted warnings to millions of people of the natural disaster that’s about to hit. All in all, technology has saved many lives from natural disasters but mankind is still trying to find a way in reducing damage from Mother Nature’s burst hits.

In the past mankind didn’t have the sophisticated technology that was able to closely predict and track a hurricane’s projection? One hundred years ago scientists and meteorologists were still trying to figure out if their calculation for a projected hurricane was reliable or not. In the 1800’s prediction of a hurricane occurring were from ships that traveled…...

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