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The Determined Statesman, Self-Promoter and Innovator

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Determined Statesman, Self Promoter and Innovator 1. Bio of Benjamin of Franklin 2. A young child as an avid reader 3. A journeyman printer and continual pursue as a writer 4. Benjamin the journalist 5. Benjamin achieved success as a clerk of the General Assembly and became the Poster- Master General in Philadelphia 6. Benjamin the Statesman, Self promoter and Innovator 7. Conclusion

Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers of the United States. He was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. Benjamin was the youngest son of seventeen siblings. He did not complete his formal education; however, he was a person who was extraordinarily ambitious, free thinker, self-promoter and a determined innovator, who changed many minds and cultures through his journalisms, inventions, political influence, scientific researches, statesman and diplomat. Benjamin, as a young child, read many books that he could get his hands on, such as the first collection, “Paul Bunyan’s” literary work that he treasured, and later sold, to purchase Burton’s Historical Collections. His father, Josiah Franklin had his own library. However, majority of his father's book were religious materials, moreover, Benjamin did not enjoy reading them; that became a turning point for not becoming a clergyman. He continues to pursue other interest books, such as “De Foe’s”, an Essay on Projects and “Dr. Mather’s”, Essays to do Good which became a defining moment that lead him to become a person of enormous influence in the world. (Charles W. Eliot, P.F. Collier p.12) At the age of twelve, he assisted his brother James as an apprentice printer, which published the “New England Courant”. As an apprentice, Benjamin continues reading many books, furthermore, because of his occupation; he has access to printed books. He befriended a tradesman, who name was Mr. Matthews Adam. Mr. Adams also, did business with the family, and they became very close, to the point that Mr. Adams invited Benjamin to his home, where Benjamin saw Mr. Adam’s library, which he took a passionate interest into poetry, and composed some ballads, such as “The Lighthouse Tragedy”. After that had played out, he began a dialogue with another bookworm, name John Collin, however, it appears that Mr. Collin was more diverse because his much read books that he absorbed. Therefore, Benjamin improved in his writing skills, and sent his philosophical views to Collin, and that continues for a short while. Benjamin’s father came across of some of his truth-seeking views and gave him pointers to improve. Eventually, he became the editor of the business and worked there until the age of twenty-one. However, he and his brother did not get alone, so he decided to venture off to New York where he found work as a printer. However, his plans changed, after meeting Governor Keith, to go to London. It did not work out as plan. He began working as a typesetter until the time he traveled back to Philadelphia and meeting a merchant named Denman who gave him a position of his business. After the death of the Denman, Benjamin, went back to his former love, the printing business and published the “The Pennsylvania Gazette”.
(Charles W. Eliot, P.F. Collier pp.1, 12-14) Benjamin’s articles in “the Pennsylvania Gazette” became highly controversial that it started many dialogues in the town. In 1732, he produced a literally master piece called “The Poor Richard Almanac” which became a popular. In 1758, he produced another extraordinary literally work called “ Father Abraham Sermon” his last literary work in the Almanac, now regarded as the most well-known literally work in “Colonial America”. (Charles W. Eliot, P.F. Collier p.1-2) Benjamin achieved success as a clerk of the General Assembly and became the Poster- Master General in Philadelphia; it enabled him to continue his pursuit as a free thinker through his newspaper business, which became exceedingly lucrative. Benjamin got involve in public affairs. He started with small city matters, by establishing the “Union Fire Company” in an effort to prevent fire or to minimize fire damage of homes. His influences established the University of Pennsylvania and founded an “American Philosophical Society” which instituted scientific researches and discoveries as a mean of communication. Because of his proven discoveries and his oratory abilities which made him very wealthy, he decided to spend more time into politics. Moreover, he developed an excellent reputation in Europe which would be beneficial in his political career. (Charles W. Eliot, P.F. Collier pp.2, 96, 97) As a statesman, he was known for his connection with Great Britain and France for the American Colonies. When Spain was at war with Great Britain, Benjamin wrote and published a pamphlet, called “The Plain Truth.” It stated the country defenseless situation, therefore, needed the union for support to defense their territories. Many copies of the pamphlet distributed throughout the country. People began to take up arms, formed companies and regiments. Officers of the companies chose Benjamin as their Colonel, but he declined. However, he continues his effort in aiding the process of the pamphlet.
In 1754, war with France, as a commissioner to act for Pennsylvania, he drew a plan for the union of all the colonies under one government for the defense of the colonies. Many other plans were drawn up. Many objections were ongoing. Overall, the plan was approved and submitted to the Board of Trade.
On the other hand, the Board of Trade did not approve it. There were additional plans that were resubmitted in regards to building forts, increasing troops and efforts to draw on the treasury of Great Britain; afterwards to be paid back by the act of the Parliament through taxation on America, which Benjamin, played a crucial role in the process.
(Charles W. Eliot, P.F. Collier pp.104, 118& 124)

Benjamin Franklin was a God fearing man, who wanted to see equality of every human being. Therefore, God used his gift as a self promoter to establish many institutions. Furthermore, he became one the founding fathers, which assisted in the established the constitution in America.

Work Cited Eliot, Charles. Ed. Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. New York: PF Collier &Son Company 1909. Pages 1, 2,12,96,97,104,118, and 124…...

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