The Development of a Code-of-Ethics: It Challenges

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The development of a code-of-ethics: IT challenges Geraldetta Lovelace
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The development of a code-of-ethics: IT challenges
The problem to be investigated is the development of a relevant and effective code of ethics to address the ethical use of and the ethical issues related to the use of Information Technology (IT). The use of IT, like every innovation that has the potential to change lives for good, also has the potential for harm, however IT “seems to create more ethical challenges than other kinds of technology” (Brooks, 2010, p. 2). To be proactive, ethical issues involving IT need to be addressed by educational programs as well as businesses and professional IT organizations. Discussed herein are ethical challenges presented by the four issues of concern identified by technology managers: security, privacy, intellectual property and electronic monitoring of employees (Brooks, 2010, pp. 1, 2).
In this context, security refers to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of data by putting protective measures in place to prevent destruction and/or unauthorized use. Security issues involve internal as well as external forces. Hacking is usually thought of as being an external force, but can be an internal force as well. Any act of accessing a computer system and/or information without the authority to do so is considered hacking. Whether the information attained is used for good or evil, is another issue and does not negate that the information was obtained illegally. In today’s global society, computer information can be stored and accessed from anywhere in the world. With the use of the internet and smart personal devices, accessing information has become easier and securing information more complex. Therefore, each organization, in addition to having a code of ethics for IT, must also have a security plan in place…...

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