The Different Range of Businesses

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'the different range of businesses'
Local: business that is in your area, and only focuses on their area's market: like a music shop, small market, barber shop or a newsagent.

National: business where a small, local business may set up other outlet stores around Britain, this then becomes a national business. For example: WH Smith.

International: a business in more than one country - would deal with language barriers also. An example of an international business would be Barclays.

Global: a business in many countries - exchanges good a long way. for example: Amazon, Apple and Google.

Public: offers their sales to the general public. usually through a stock exchange, or through market makers operating in over the counter markets. for example: Microsoft or GM - their financial records are open to the public.

Private: one whose stock is held by one shareholder, or a small group of shareholders. With the shares only available privately eg; to family members. The shares are not available to buy publically; so they cannot be traded on the stock market.

Not-for-profit/voluntary: non-profit businesses get their money by collecting donations from the public, foundations, the government, and by charging fees for their services. For example: the salvation army or the red cross.

Sectors of business activity
Primary: involves the extraction of raw materials and natural resources. For example: the extraction of oil and gas.

Secondary: turns these raw materials into products. For example: Oil & Gas delivery of fuel at the petrol pump.

Tertiary: firms in this sector provide services to other businesses and consumers. For example:…...

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