The Great Wall of China Painting by William Simpson

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The Great Wall of China painting by William Simpson
The Great Wall of China is an extremely significant item of art with exemplary features that would make any artist outstanding if he or she was able to fit extensive elements like color, shape, space and symbolism as show in the wall. One of the main artists who engaged in painting the wall is William Simpson who was from Scotland. Simpson was born in Glasgow in an extremely poor background. Simpson is an extremely unique artist of his time. He was born in 1823 and died in 1899 (Simpson, 2007).
Simpson went to school in Perth, where he undertook the formal education. After school, Simpson was employed in a lithographic firm. The first artistic work that Simpson was engaged in is where he was required to develop an image of the Alma that was based on various features that had to be involved in the image. The image was to be used in a lithography work by a London publisher. Simpson was also involved in the artwork for the development of images that represented Colnaghi images, and the fall of Sebastopol. The other image that was drawn by Simpson is the Bombardment of Bomarsund (Simpson, 2007). This is an indication that Simpson was an extremely famous and skilled artist.
One of the most distinctive features in any piece of art is color. It is exemplary in the development of an image. One of the major roles of color is to indicate the real representation of a given art work. The Great Wall of China is representation of this unique feature of color. The artist has considered different colors to represent different physical features that form the wall.
One of the colors that the artist considered in his work is beige. This is an extremely distinctive color that may be used to represent certain features in any artwork. However, the artist has used it to indicate the material used…...

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