The Hindsight Bias

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Unit 4 Assignment 1 1. Read the following article Agans, R., & Shaffer, L. (1994). The hindsight bias: The role of the availability heuristic and perceived risk. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 15(4), 439-449. “ This article can be located by using the Kaplan Online Library article search feature. Click here to access the Kaplan Library. You may also access the Kaplan Library by following these instructions: 1. Click the Academic Tools tab 2. Click Online Library. 3. Log in to your account 2. Read the narrative for Exercise 11-24 – found on page 437 in your textbook.
After you have read the Article and Narrative, prepare a response to the following Requirements:
Assume that you are a business consultant hired to advise Earth Baby, Inc. (EBI) on the proposed venture from Great Deal, Inc. (GDI). Your task is to analyze the proposal and make a recommendation to either accept or reject it. Your presentation must include critical thinking and analysis supported by evidence using independent references. Your analysis must also include any biases that might be relevant to the proposal. The article reading may provide special insight for this requirement.
The analysis must be Word document, 2 to 3 pages long, not including the Title Page and Reference List. The analysis must be presented in proper APA, 6th Edition formatting, including a Title Page with properly formatted Running head. A “Conclusion” section is also required.
Do not provide short answers to the questions. Provide a thorough analysis, using good critical thinking. Provide support for your answers using independent references. Do not present this assignment in “Memo” format. The assignment requires formal analysis not an informal memorandum.…...

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...Lately, the concept of unconscious bias or “hidden bias” has come into the forefront of our work as diversity advocates because the dynamics of diversity are changing as we enter the 21st Century. Our tradition paradigm has generally assumed that patterns of discriminatory behavior in organizations are conscious; that people who know better do the right thing, and those who do not cause bias. As a result, we have developed a “good person/bad person” paradigm of diversity: a belief that good people are not biased, but inclusive, and that bad people are the biased ones (R. Cook 2008). Forms of unconscious bias with foreign employees: Out of the 10 unconscious biases mentioned in the article by Cook Ross (2014), I have noted the following to have a negative impact on the international business relations. Diagnosis bias, having foreign employees from India, employees make a quick decision on how to act with a person just based on initial perceived opinion. Pattern recognition, employees decide that if the Indian employee has completed a task wrong once before, they will do it wrongly again. Value attribution, employees consider that foreign Indian employees have values that they take for granted. Confirmational behavior, employees in Finland have noted to consider that what confirms their beliefs and then ignore what contradicts their beliefs while also disregarding the facts that contradict their points of view. Automatic perception, the Finnish employees have a reflexive......

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