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The Institute of Medicine Report
John Doe
Grand Canyon University: NRS 430V - 0101 Professional Dynamics
September 29, 2013

The Institute of Medicine Report The Institute of Medicine report shares many views of transformation for all aspects of nursing. These views contend that several changes will need to happen for the future of healthcare to be successful. No one ever predicted ten years ago that there would be an IOM report stating these perspectives of healthcare, but there was always someone attempting to predict the future of nursing. The IOM’s Recommendations on Nursing Education
The impact of the Institute of Medicine report on nursing education suggests the nursing profession should have a more advanced education system providing limitless opportunities for growth. The future of nursing providing care to the entire realm of health care, especially primary care and community settings, will be determined by the evolution of a new educational system. The IOM report states that sixty percent of hospital employed nurses will be impacted by the Affordable Care Act because of the transition of patients to primary and community health care. (National Research Council, 2011) Tension in the current educational system has been steadily increasing due to the newly required nursing skills in many specialty areas. That being said, the new educational structure will have to be expanded immensely. The IOM report suggests increasing the number of baccalaureate nurses from fifty to eighty percent by the year 2020. (National Research Council, 2011, p. 12) The report also suggests doubling the current number of nurses with a doctorate degree. Reaching these goals along with overcoming many other educational obstacles will require…...

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...levels of leadership are creating a financially stable patient centered industry that will thrive far in to the future. The Institute of Medicine has taken direct action to champion this change. Impact of IOM on Education Key message number two from the IOM publication speaks true to the desire for a more educated nursing field. “Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advocating Health, states “nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved education system that promotes seamless academic progression”. (The future of, 2011) The trend toward bachelor educated nurses is the foundation for the other changes that the IOM has put forth in this report. BSN nurses have further education and a more diverse background that will allow them to move seamlessly from education in to practice in the fields of leadership, case management and community settings all of which the report seeks to impact directly. Largely this movement is directed from the need of patient care coordination, the use of evidence-based practice and research skills within healthcare all of which the BSN have developed competencies according to American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s (AACN’s) Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice. The IOM also addresses the need for “nursing to adopt a frame work of continuous learning”. This impact on the education system will be two fold. The first goal of continuous learning is to develop and......

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...Impact of 2010 iom report on future of nursing The nursing profession is a vast expanding profession that is based on new researches and innovations. In this profession attention is directed to the patient rather than on healthcare is important for nursing profession to have more educated,skilled,trained nurses in order to provide best care to patients that is changing with more developed technologies .To meet the basic needs of advancing healthcare system some transformations are needed-practice,education,leadership.In 2010 The IOM and the Robert Wood Foundation brought the new report -The Future of Nursing Leading change,Advancing Health to address some changes in healthcare system in order to meet high demands of future nursing. Impact of iom report on nursing education Education is essential for nurses to work efficiently in their field. Nurses with higher Education become able to use Critical Thinking,Knowledge,skills.Based on IOM report it is required to change the education format as now BSN are in more demand.It is addressed in IOM report to have 80% BSN nurses by 2020 and to meet this target it is necessary to increase education level- by Having low cost, high level education available for Public-for which Providing funds by states and federal agencies is a helpful step.As seen today Many ADN degree nurses moving further for BSN degree by going back to studies. By this change more nurses will be...

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...IOM Report and the Future of Nursing The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, as well as the changing needs of patients over several decades, have began putting pressures on the healthcare system as more people will have insurance coverage and greater access to healthcare than ever before. The nursing profession is now in a unique position to change healthcare in providing affordable and quality care that is more accessible. At present, there is a shortage to meet these demands and provide quality care that is needed for millions patients that are soon to be added by healthcare coverage. The IOM report put forth a vision and recommendations that puts nursing in the center of needed reforms to meet these challenges. The IOM report makes recommendations specific to nursing education as nursing is a unique profession that offers multiple pathways to entry-level practice. Changes in the healthcare system will require changes in the education of nurses. The report makes certain that nurses will need further educational qualifications to ensure quality care that is safe and patient centered. Competencies needed to practice have expanded greatly especially in areas of community and public health, teamwork and collaboration, research and evidence based practice, geriatrics, as well as leadership in healthcare system improvement and health policy (Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, IOM report, 2011, p. 6). Nursing roles are frequently changing...

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...The future of nursing: the impact of the IOM report on the nursing profession Rakia Adam Grand Canyon University: NRS 430V July 14, 2013 The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is an independent organization providing advice that is unbiased and authoritative to the public and to private sectors (About the IOM 2012). It asks and answers the most national pressing questions on health and healthcare (About the IOM 2012). In 2010, the IOM after thoroughly reviewing the multiple factors and the changes that were about to take place in America’s healthcare system came out with some recommendations in a report. These recommendations will impact nursing education, nursing practice particularly in the primary care setting and the nurse’s role as a leader. This paper will focus on the future of nursing in the changing health care system to meet the IOM report goals. First, with the passing of the affordable care act (ACA) of 2010, more opportunities were created for nurses to practice to their greatest capacity because patients, in all settings, deserved care that is centered on their unique needs and not what is most convenient for the health professionals. (" The future," 2010). Preventive care and primary care services will be needed for new insurance holders as required by the ACA. In rural areas, patients can be seen by advanced practical nurses instead of primary care providers. Research has shown that most NP are capable with the supervision of physician to......

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...Impact of the IOM report on Future of Nursing Terry Garcia Grand Canyon University. NRS-430 April 13, 2014 Impact of the IOM report on Future of Nursing After the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by the congress, it has become clear that the whole health care system is in need of a major transformation. The future of the health care system is focused on health maintenance, disease prevention, and providing quality and affordable care to the public. Nurses are at the heart of this renovation. Institute of Medicine (IOM) in partnership with Robert Johnson Foundation, released the report The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health on October 5, 2010.This report compiled two years of research and is based on top nursing practices in the United States. It explores the need of change in the nursing profession and includes recommendations for this transformation in order to meet the demands of the new and complex health care system. The main segments of suggested modifications are nursing education, practice, and leadership (Institute of Medicine [IOM], 2010). Nurses must achieve higher levels of education and implement obtained knowledge to encounter the challenges of health care. The IOM report emphasizes the need of health care professionals that are better prepared to care for people with chronic conditions. To do this, nurses will need......

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...Nursing and Future Changes: The IOM Report Grand Canyon University Nursing and Future Changes: The IOM Report The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report from 2011 titled “The Future of Nursing Leading Change, Advancing Health” focuses on the future of health care. The primary focus is on advanced nursing roles such as Nurse Practitioners. However, it does include the future roles of the RN. Although the primary focus is on Nurse Practitioners it is still relevant to the RN because health care changes will affect all roles of nursing. This report focuses on the future of nursing education, nursing practice, and the nurse’s role as a leader. All of these areas affect nurses, no matter what level of education you have obtained. We are all educated, we all practice nursing, and we are all leaders in some capacity. The IOM Report on Nursing Education Within the IOM report there are recommendations. Recommendation numbers three and four are about education. Recommendation number three recommends that nurses should have a residency program. It suggests that nurses should be more equipped to transition into the field after formal education. In providing a residency program the nurse would be more familiar with the work field and how to interact with patients as well as with other professionals in the medical field (Institute of Medicine, 2011). Through personal experience it is known that in 2007 120 hours of on floor time with a staff nurse was required of nursing......

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Iom Report professionals. The nurses and physicians are warranted to generate a system that is more patient-centered and provide the optimal level of care. The IOM report “The future of nursing: Leading change, Advancing health”, summarizes the significance of changing nursing practice in numerous arenas to encounter distinctive needs of clients by executing the highest level of excellent care. The last few decades have witnessed nursing role evolving significantly and becoming integral part of the healthcare system. The IOM report has a remarkable influence on the nursing future. The IOM report released by the national academics of science lays utmost importance on the potential theory and uses evidence-based practice in order to improve the safety and quality of care rendered in the health care setting. In this paper, we will discuss the effect of IOM report on the various arenas of nursing practice, education, leadership, and management. The technology has changed our lives significantly and nursing is no exception to it. The modern technology has brought in many changes in nursing and healthcare system. The nursing have seen numerous changes and will continue to grow in near future. In the healthcare industry, the technology has been instrumental in reducing medical errors and enhance client safety. According to IOM.” Changes in health care necessitates the system to undertake an important modification to deliver client-focused care; provide primary care instead of......

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...Running head: THE IMPACT OF THE IOM REPORT The Impact of the IOM Report on the Future of Nursing Celeste Ottney Grand Canyon University NRS430v Adriane M. Hesson March 12, 2012 The Impact of the IOM Report on the Future of Nursing In 2008, as a response to the need for a transformation in the nursing field, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Institute of Medicine created an action-oriented blueprint with recommendations for changes needed in nursing. This was a response for the need to assess and change the world of nursing to advance nursing practice in the future. This 600 plus page report focuses on four key messages which are described in detail throughout the report. The messages, which stated that nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training, nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved education system, and nurses should be full partners with physicians and other health care professionals gives us a guide on what impact the IOM report will have on the future of nursing (, 2010). Nursing Education This report focuses a great deal on the need to advance our levels of education within the ever-changing profession of nursing. It focuses in on the benefits of requiring a BSN at entry- level, as well as the need for gender......

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...IOM Report-Future of Nursing The Future of Nursing Grand Canyon University: Professional Dynamics February 10, 2012 Overview The IOM report explains how nurses have an essential role in leadership in the health care setting. This report explains how education is vital to advance nurses into a partnership with physicians to improve the health care system nationwide. Impact of IOM report on Education In 2010, recently signed into law by the president, was the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which are referred to in this report as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA is expected to insure 32 million previously uninsured Americans. (“the future of,”2010) The nursing profession should be utilized to help build a health care system that will be focused on patient centered, safe, accessible, and affordable care. Nurses will need to practice to the full extent of their education. Florence Nightengale developed the concept of an educated workforce, modern nursing has reinvented itself a number of times as healthcare has advanced and changed. A well-educated nursing profession has helped make possible: Evolution of high technology hospital, possibility for physicians to combine office and hospital practice, shorter length of stay in hospital, reduce hours of physicians in residency to improve patient safety, improve access of care for poor and rural residents, respite and palliative care, including hospice patients. ...

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