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A single-elimination tournament, also called an Olympic system tournament, a knockout, cup or sudden death tournament, is a type of elimination tournament where the loser of each match or bracket is immediately eliminated from winning the championship or first prize in the event.
This does not always mean that the defeated competitor will not participate further in the tournament; in some such tournaments, consolation or "classification" contests are subsequently held among those already defeated to determine the awarding of lesser places, for example, a third place playoff.
Where more than two competitors can play in each match, such as in a shootout poker tournament, players are removed when they can no longer play until one player remains from the group. This player moves on to the next round.
A simple way to describe a single-elimination tournament is that the winner of each match moves on and the loser fails to progress in the tournament.
Some advantages of single elimination tournaments are: * the participants understand them easily * they are the simplest tournaments to conduct * they are useful in determining a champion for preliminary tournaments, such as a round robin * they determine the champion in the shortest time compared with other tournaments * they can be conducted with limited facilities * they can accommodate a large number of entries * they are interesting for spectators * they are the most appropriate for a one-day event * they are economical to conduct
Some disadvantages of single elimination tournaments are: * they involve minimum participation * they place maximum emphasis on winning * the champion may not represent the best team or player...this also applies to the…...

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...In The Prince, by Machiavelli, he discusses the nature of the prince, how he should arise to power if not inherited by blood, and the rules in which to rule his domain. He primarily wrote this for the sake of the Medici family who would later transcend history as an infamous banking family that produced not only a queen but two Pope’s. The contents of this book were extremely controversial and were not published until after Machiavelli’s death but to this day it still holds to some degree influential power. As a Prince one must appear to have righteous qualities such as mercy, kindness, faithful, etc. but that is only the outward appearance that he must give off. The Prince should always have the capabilities of doing evil, he must be able use these qualities without hesitation when the need arises. For example, in the case of generosity versus parsimony, he claims that being too generous will lead to his depreciation as well as loss of his own major resources, which will be needed to be made up for in taxes. While on the other hand, either discontinuing or limiting your generosity will not be good for your reputation. So the Prince would rather be more frugal than generous. Several other guidelines that an excellent Prince must follow is not that of what laws to pass or who to execute but that of the emotions. The Prince, Machiavelli claimed needed to be feared yet loved all at the same time. Fear keeps his people in place but taken too far and the people begin to hate......

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...NT1 The Prince: Machiavelli’s Methodology on Leadership Niccolo Machiavelli, the first modern thinker, dedicated The Prince to Lorenzo De Medici and the De Medici family as a “how to guide” on becoming a successful ruler and more importantly, how not to be a successful ruler. As in any philosopher’s works, there are many components that are comprised into one common theme. Machiavelli presents a strong methodology and main concept which is to act in your own self-interest if you want to become a leader, and to do so by any means necessary. In The Price, one of his most famous works, Machiavelli establishes his leadership guidelines on specific categories such as virtue, goodwill, hatred, and reputation, just to name a few. Machiavelli’s goal in The Prince is to distinguish why human nature is the leading cause of a princes’ ultimate success or failure. Machiavelli strongly feels that the idea of politics is not a natural, innate part of humankind. It is crucial for a prince to reflect on the actions of great men that came before him and the history surrounding them. Within the text, Machiavelli does not focus on unity nor does he focus on the virtuous soul. He strictly concentrates on consequences because they are facts which we can verify. Due to this belief, Machiavelli’s ideas represent the consequentialist approach to morality. Meaning, consequences are driven purely by an individual’s actions. Therefore, the means by which individuals go about taking those......

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...control them. In his book The Prince, he speaks of the perfect leader. I believe that man, by nature, is neither good nor evil. When a child comes out of its mother, one cannot tell whether or not that child will be a serial killer or win the Nobel Peace prize. A child’s environment is what forms it to be the adult that it will be one day. I believe that it also what one believes that makes him or her what that person will be one day. Machiavelli believed however that man was naturally an evil being, one that needed control (Prince). The idea of man being an evil being, by nature, is expressed in Machiavelli’s book The Prince. He has written that a Prince should break his promises to his subjects because man is evil and will break their promises to their prince (Prince). I do not agree with this theory because I think that man will make his own decision based on whether or not he is good in character. I believe that a leader should tell the truth and win the support of the public by being known as doing this. Machiavelli seems to have the idea of preparing for the worst and thinking in terms of the worst. This is a preventative measure that will benefit anybody who has evil intentions. Only a person who thinks that man is evil would think of such ways to run a government in the way that Machiavelli thought a government should be operated. Machiavelli felt that “crafty and deceitful princes have historically defeated the faithful princes”(Prince). What happened to the......

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...Wonder Girls - Girlfriend Lyrics (English) I guess you were sleeping, I’m sorry if I woke you It’s not that I had anything to say to you I just wanted to hear your voice I know I shouldn’t do this, I know it’s over between us But will you stay like this for a moment, for a short moment? I’m with my girlfriend right now I can’t believe; did you really just say your girlfriend? Is it true? It can’t be She is your girlfriend right now Is she listening to this right now? Do you say that I mean nothing to you now? It can’t be true, don’t lie I was crazy too, it wasn’t like me It was a stupid thing that I would have never usually done But still, you were sober, you were in the right state of mind You shouldn’t have picked up, then I could’ve just fallen asleep I’m with my girlfriend right now I can’t believe, did you really just say your girlfriend? Is it true? It can’t be She is your girlfriend right now Is she listening to this right now? Do you say that I mean nothing to you now? It can’t be true, don’t lie She is your girlfriend, I was your girlfriend That’s not what I wanted to hear I know even if you don’t say it If things just pass like this, is it over? Is it nothing to you? Is that it? Baby don’t lie Loving me, forgetting me, making it be like nothing Is it that easy for you? Is that how you empty me out? Is that how you erase me? Yes, call me crazy but I still can’t forget you Say that I’m talking crazy I won’t remember this......

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Prince and abundant source of low-cost feedstock, the US market has transformed to become one of the most advantageous markets for chemical production in the world.” Shuttered steel towns like Youngstown, Ohio, are seeing a re-emergence of manufacturing employment opportunities. In Youngstown, V&M Star, the pipe and tube producer, is building a factory to manufacture seamless pipes for hydraulic fracturing that will employ 350 people. 3-

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...THE LITTLE PRINCE In the eyes of a child, there is joy, there is laughter. But as time ages us, as soon as we flowered and became grown-ups the child inside us all fades that we forget that once, we were a child. The story begins about drawings of closed and open boa constrictors. Later, the author relates a story about the Turkish astronomer who discovers the little prince's home, Asteroid B-612. When he presents his findings to the International Congress of Astronomy, dressed in his comical Turkish outfit, he is not believed. Man has not learned to look beneath the exterior, or rather, he has forgotten how. Because adults never look within, they will never know themselves or others. A fox is one cunning animal. And in the story, it is proven to be right. From the fox's lesson that one can see only what is essential by looking with the heart, the author leaves the desert as a changed person. He agrees with the little prince's thought: 'the stars are beautiful, because of a flower that cannot be seen';. The rose is very fragile and needs constant care. Love is not a matter of choice; it is a matter of consequence; indeed, it is a matter of survival. Men must learn to love one another or expire. Love is what gives life meaning. The little prince's love for his rose is so important to him that his love gives the author's life purpose and direction. The fox teaches the little prince how to love. It is the time that one 'wastes'; on someone or something that makes it......

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...THE HAPPY PRINCE” Essay Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde’s “The Happy Prince” is a meaningful short story that the author writes for his two sons. Through the two main characters’ actions of the story are the statue Happy Prince and the bird Swallow, I have learned the two valuable lessons: helping the poor people is happiness and noble friendship between Happy Prince and Swallow. Through Happy Prince’s actions, I know that helping the poor people is happiness. Indeed, we will feel happy if we help any unfortunate person or difficult situation as possible ways as that we indeliberately come across on the street. Like Happy Prince in the story, he will never find a real happiness if he does not see the misery and ugliness of his own city. He has a luxurious life in the splendid palace when he is alive, so he thinks that it is happy. But when he dies, he is sculpted a statue and set up in high position to see the poverty in his city, he recognizes what is tears, what is sorrow. Therefore, he decides to use all of his valuable things such as his sword’s ruby, two sapphires of his eyes and all the golden leaves to help the poor people that he sees. Although his statue is not now beautiful anymore and his eyes are bilnd, he feels extremely happy because his valuable things can help and bring the better life for the poor people who he formerly used to once not look down to care them. I think that he will never be aware of real happiness if he still continues living in his......

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...Maturity over Message? The Little Prince written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is one of the most controversial novels of its time. It reflects the main ideas about relationships. The Alchemist on the other hand is about one person, named Santiago, who tries to achieve his personal legend. This personal legend is his goal in life. Despite some differences in the notion of maturity as present in these two texts, they both exhibit the theme of observing not only through the eyes but with the heart. I. The Little Prince a. The Quest of the Little Prince The topic regarding the quest of The Little Prince, somewhat is a debatable subject because of the fact that it was not explicitly stated, although despite this, it was seen in the story that he was searching for his true purpose. At the start, the Little Prince asked questions stubbornly just like any child would. This was not his true purpose, but it is related to it. Children are naturally curious and want to explore without knowing it. In the book, the Little Prince was actually “bored” of his planet. This was seen with the fact that throughout the course of the book, he was only in his planet for a few days; he spent the rest of the time exploring other planets because he was fed up with his rose. He wanted to give the rose some space, and by doing so, he left his planet and actually found his true purpose, which was to look for answers to life. b. Theme in the Little Prince During his quest for his......

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...For readers who would like a quick reminder of the book and its main storyline, here is a summary of The Little Prince’s travels and those he met along the way. If Saint-Exupéry is to be believed The Little Prince is a book for children written for grown-ups. It can be read on many different levels to provide pleasure and food for thought for readers of all ages. The author, an aviator, crashes with his aeroplane in the middle of the Sahara desert. While he is trying to repair his aeroplane, a little boy appears and asks him to draw a sheep. The author learns that The Little Prince comes from asteroid B-612 where he has left behind three volcanoes and a rose. Before reaching Earth, he has visited other planets and met some very odd people: a king, a conceited man, a drunkard, a lamplighter, a geographer… Since arriving on Earth, he has spoken to a fox who has taught him that to know someone or something, you must « tame » them, and that makes them unique. « What is essential is invisible to the eye, says the fox. » In order to return to his planet and his rose, The Little Prince allows himself to be bitten by a poisonous snake: his planet is too far away, he cannot take his « shell ». The aviator, who has succeeded in repairing his plane, also quits the desert. He still hopes The Little Prince will return one day and asks us to write and tell him if ever we should meet his friend.Pour les lecteurs qui souhaitent se remémorer le livre et ses principales lignes,......

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...Key Facts full title  ·  The Little Prince (in French, Le Petit Prince) author  · Antoine de Saint-Exupéry type of work  · Children’s story, novella genre  · Fable, allegory language  · French time and place written  · The summer and fall of 1942, while Saint-Exupéry was living in Long Island, New York date of first publication  · First published in English translation in 1943. The first French edition did not appear until 1946. publisher  · Reynal & Hitchcock, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. (U.S. edition, both French and English); Gallimard (French edition) narrator  · A pilot who crashes in the Sahara desert, where he meets the little prince. The narrator tells his story of the encounter six years after it happened. point of view  · The narrator gives a first-person account, although he spends large portions of the story recounting the little prince’s own story of his travels. tone  · When describing his surreal, poignant encounter with the little prince, the narrator’s tone is bittersweet. When describing the adult world, the narrator’s tone is matter-of-fact and often regretful. tense  · Past settings (time)  · “Six years ago,” although the current date is never specified settings (place)  · The Sahara Desert and outer space protagonists  · The little prince, the pilot major conflict  · The childlike perspectives of the prince and, to some extent, those of the narrator are in conflict with the stifling beliefs of the adult world. rising action  · After......

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...The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Prince, by Nicolo Machiavelli This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at Title: The Prince Author: Nicolo Machiavelli Translator: W. K. Marriott Release Date: February 11, 2006 [EBook #1232] Last Updated: November 5, 2012 Language: English *** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK THE PRINCE *** Produced by John Bickers, David Widger and Others THE PRINCE by Nicolo Machiavelli Translated by W. K. Marriott Nicolo Machiavelli, born at Florence on 3rd May 1469. From 1494 to 1512 held an official post at Florence which included diplomatic missions to various European courts. Imprisoned in Florence, 1512; later exiled and returned to San Casciano. Died at Florence on 22nd June 1527. CONTENTS INTRODUCTION YOUTH Aet. 1-25—1469-94 OFFICE Aet. 25-43—1494-1512 LITERATURE AND DEATH Aet. 43-58—1512-27 THE MAN AND HIS WORKS DEDICATION THE PRINCE CHAPTER I HOW MANY KINDS OF PRINCIPALITIES THERE ARE CHAPTER II CONCERNING HEREDITARY PRINCIPALITIES CHAPTER III CONCERNING MIXED PRINCIPALITIES CHAPTER IV ALEXANDER WHY THE KINGDOM OF DARIUS, CONQUERED BY CHAPTER V CONCERNING THE WAY TO GOVERN CITIES OR PRINCIPALITIES CHAPTER VI ACQUIRED CONCERNING NEW PRINCIPALITIES WHICH ARE CHAPTER......

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The Prince “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli there are many strategies discussed about how a prince can hold on to power over a certain state. The biggest strategy Machiavelli discusses is gaining the trust of the people in the state. Machiavelli also discusses the certain things you must do once you gain power in order to maintain it such as what to do with the actual state itself and what to do with the government of that state as well. Another strategy that he discusses is that of the military forces in a state and how to control them once a prince obtains power of a new state. Machiavelli looks at these strategies from every possible situation in which a prince can come into power and hold power as well. From all of these gaining the trust of the people of the state seems to be most important. In “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli, there are many strategies discussed for how a prince should obtain and hold onto the power over the state. Machiavelli strongly believes that in order to gain power you must gain the trust of the people living in that specific state. He discusses how if you are born into power then people are already going to trust you; “Hereditary states accustomed to the family of their ruler are more easily kept than new ones.” If you gain power by having it passed down to you from a family member the people of that state will feel more confortable than if a completely new person who they have never met were to come into power; “The hereditary prince......

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...of The Revolution, Prince was working on two separate projects, The Revolution album Dream Factory and a solo effort, Camille.[52] Unlike the three previous band albums, Dream Factory included input from the band members and featured songs with lead vocals by Wendy & Lisa.[52] The Camille project saw Prince create a new persona primarily singing in a speeded-up, female-sounding voice. With the dismissal of The Revolution, Prince consolidated material from both shelved albums, along with some new songs, into a three-LP album to be titled Crystal Ball.[53] Warner Bros. forced Prince to trim the triple album to a double album and Sign o' the Times was released on March 31, 1987.[54] The album peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.[54] The first single, "Sign o' the Times", charted at No. 3 on the Hot 100.[55] The follow-up single, "If I Was Your Girlfriend" charted at No. 67 on the Hot 100, but went to No. 12 on R&B chart.[55] The third single, a duet with Sheena Easton, "U Got the Look" charted at No. 2 on the Hot 100, No. 11 on the R&B chart,[55] and the final single "I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man" finished at No. 10 on Hot 100 and No. 14 on the R&B chart.[55] It was named the top album of the year by the Pazz & Jop critics' poll, and sold 3.2 million copies.[56] In Europe it performed well, and Prince promoted the album overseas with a lengthy tour. Putting together a new backing band from the remnants of The Revolution, Prince added bassist Levi......

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...Integrative Paper Bianca Erize D. Tenedero BSFMA-1 The Regulative Principle of Reason “There are things in this world that if you keep on seeking and finding for the right answer to your questions about God’s work, you might go insane” IP 1 “Because I believe that God existence is real though I cannot prove it.” IP 2 “If you can’t see God, why do you believe he exists?” IP 3 “Family is really a beautiful thing.” IP 4 APPLICATION While doing this IP made me realized that with just one topic it can lead you to another topic. Just like my work, my topic at first is about seeking the evidences of god’s work. Trying to find the evidences of god’s work is really impossible. Consider the theory that god created the universe. Based on the nature of science as we understand it today, we can only look back in time. If we were to prove that the big bang theory really happened, we have no assurance that such proof would indicate how it happened, whether by god or some other force/involvement. If we were to prove that god created the world with such a seeming unlimited power, the best is we could state scientifically is that the god’s power is great enough that current human experience and technology is unable to determine it. If we get too deep with this kind of knowing of the evidences of god’s work we are really getting into a topic that is beyond our knowledge. With this topic it can lead us to my second and third topic about god’s existence and my......

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