The Mighty Ducks

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The Mighty Ducks

A powerful lawyer gets in trouble for drunk driving, so the judge tells him to take a break from his job and coach a small team that doesn't even have a name, for volunteer work. From the beginning of the movie, “The Mighty Ducks,” the coach went off at a wrong approach when coaching these kids. The underdog team has a pretty low self-confidence as it is. He had no patience and basically told the kids that they are terrible players, which was poor communication on his half. This decreased both their motivation to try and self-confidence. His approach was terrible, he learned that it was a poor reinforcement, but he tries going at a different approach in order to get success. He knew that the kids weren't very good, so he decided to have the kids cheat by making them fake their injuries. This was terrible sportsmanship on his behalf. This was also a failed approach that he attempted. He knew he had to go at a different approach to get the kids to cooperate with him. He gave the kids the name “The Mighty Ducks,” because of this they felt like they had more of a purpose. They began to actually respect him and the team started to work together. The coach mainly had an extrinsic motivation when it came to teaching these kids, which was getting it done and over with so he can get back to his job. As he taught on though, he began to actually like the kids and actually liked coaching hockey, so he developed an intrinsic motivation. That intrinsic motivation helped the kids with the training; they know longer felt like an…...

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