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The Most Courageous Woman

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The Most Courageous Woman!
Lindsay Warren
CM107: College Composition

What is courage? You may ask what courage is. How do you define courage? How do you know what courage is? Well in my point of view I consider courage to be something that you have inside of you. Courage is not something that you can just buy off of eBay or catch like a cold. Courage is when you have ability to stand up to or against something or someone. Sometimes it can be as simple as having the courage to step up and ride that tall roller coaster at Six Flags that you have been dreading since you were 7 years old. I use to be scared to do a lot of things. I was scared to grow up; I was scared when it came to going to a new school. I soon got over it. I just realized it was easier to make the best out of every situation. I do believe that that is what every courageous person does. They suck it up and make the best out of every situation. During this time I am going to tell you what I think a courageous person is. During most of my life I got to know a very wonderful woman. She was my great grandmother. I called her Granny. She was not scared of anything. When she was diagnosed with cancer she did not get scared either. She was very much an independent woman who did not need help of any kind. When my Granny started getting sick for no apparent reason she was taken to see a specialist. After he ran some test on her it came back that she had cancer in her lungs. She simply told the doctor she would be fine. She could conjure it. She had Jesus on her side. As the years went on she began to get worse. She was going through chemo and radiation at times. She was taking many types of medications as well. I know that there was about three times that she was admitted to ICU and not expected to make it back out. Well she proved them wrong. Granny never cried a tear as…...

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