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Review on “The Mustache” and “Ashes to Ashes” Both The Mustache and Ashes to Ashes by Sabina Berman and Harold Pinter, respectively, were great plays however I only thoroughly enjoyed the Mustache because of its humorous nature. The Mustache started out as a very comedic play but transitioned into a serious gender based play. Both actors were acting his/her false sexual orientation when together but deep down each character was homosexual. Ashes to Ashes was just a very confusing play to be however I progressively began to understand the allusions to massive killings, perhaps in the case of Nazi Germany. However, each play consisted of its own values and ulterior meanings, and I was able to understand each play’s message. The Mustache was a very interesting play with a married couple starting their morning as such of a typical relationship. However, the couple progressively turned from sunshine into a bickering mess. The wife was at first angry because the husband had been wearing her mustache at the party they had attended. I didn’t expect this at first because a mustache is usually what is grown on men as a sign of both masculinity and age. They then started talking back about the party and the husband’s encounter with an archetype of a woman. This started to make me realize that there was a gender and sexuality message within the play as soon as the husband started listing out what his girl had possessed. Words such as young, beautiful, skinny, etc. were used to describe what the husband, and most men in society look for when they see a woman. I enjoyed how each actor used the set to act out how much frustration they had while they talked. The husband’s voice was spot on as it was both creepy and seemed to fit the mood of the play. One thing I did notice from the actors was that there was a significant amount of movement on the stage. This resulted in…...

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