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May 10, 2013
The doctrine that I’m studying is the inerrancy word of God; first to understand the doctrine one must know and understand the word of God, His Holy Scriptures that were inspired by God and written by men of God’s inspiration, inerrancy and truth. The bible revelation involves the content of God’s message to us. Also the bible is God’s revelation to aid us as we search for truth and attempt to live for God. (Tim 3:15-17).
To identify with God one must know that God is an invisible personal and living spirit, distinguished from all other spirit’s which including His birth, death and resurrection.[ Elwell, Walter A. Evangelical Dictionary of Theology].pg.496
God is self- existence, eternal and unchanging, intellectual God is omniscient, faithful and wise; ethically God is just merciful and loving, emotionally God detests evil, God is long-suffering compassionate, existentially, God is free authentic and omnipotent, God is transcendent in being immanent, universally in providential activity and immanent with his people in redemptive activity these are some of God’s attributes. Therefore man was created into God’s likeness here on earth. [Elwell Walter A. Evangelical Dictionary of Theology] pg.492
The law of God nature with His creations is that everything is God’s offspring of His mind and bears the impression of His determinate nature; He created man as an intelligent being in His own likeness He has God nature with certain limitations and modifications.
God is the source of all wisdom and knowledge and truth these laws are an extension and reflection of the nature of God the law is a unity since God is one it’s always consistent in itself and its application. [Towns, Elmer L. Theology for Today].pg. 130
Ethically God is Holy, righteous, loving, He is distinct from and transcendent to all His…...

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