Threats and Risks Assessment

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Threats and Risks Assessment
The determination of natural, man-made, and technological risks is the responsibility of security management and security personnel. Threats and risks are vital to determine to lessen the damages caused to assets within the organization. Retail organizations have many assets that are needed to be protected from threats and risks in order to maintain quality customer service. The threats and risks can either be caused from the inside threats or outside threats. The most common risks that are present in retail organizations are fires, internal and external thefts, and burglaries. Threats and vulnerabilities are managed and determined by security officials on a daily basis to ensure proper protocols are being upheld when risks present themselves.
Retail Threat and Risk Assessment
The determination of threats and risks that affect all organizations, not just specific organizations, must first be made by using a threat and vulnerability assessment and risk analysis. “The first step in a risk management program is a threat assessment. A threat assessment considers the full spectrum of threats for any given facility/location. The assessment should examine supporting information to evaluate the likelihood of occurrence for each threat” (National Institute of Building Sciences, 2012). The threats and vulnerabilities within the organization are discovered and then a risk analysis is used to determine which risks are most likely to be present within an organization. “In a systematic approach to the identification of threats, such as the one recommended in this text, the primary purpose of vulnerability identification or threat (exposure) determination is to make the task of risk analysis more manageable by establishing a base from which to proceed” (Broder & Tucker, "Chapter 2, Risk Identification," 2012). Natural, technological, and…...

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