Time Starts Now

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Time Starts Now
7:00 AM
“Hello, Joe....Jamie here”, a petrified voice shot out of the receiver.
“Dude, just chill!” , 17 year old Joe replied agitatedly as he was now wide awake hearing the urgency in his brother’s voice.
“So how are you doing?”, Joe asked Jamie casually.
“No time for that baby brother. Listen to me carefully.”
“Aw shucks......Stop your big brother lecturing, Jamie. You know how much I hate.....”
“Joe. Please. I want you to get out of NY and head straight for the Grand Canyon. Right now. In two hours time.”
“You’re joking”, the angry blue eyed youth protested.
“You’re time starts now.”
And the line went dead...

A flaxen haired youth with earphones dangling from his curls got out of his waterfront villa. It had been about two years ago since he and his brother bought that place since the sad demise of their parents, who died in a plane crash. Since then Joe and his brother never flew. But it hurt him more that ever since Jamie became a marine ecologist, he too hardly was there for him. It was as if even Jamie had died in the crash. Today was no different except for that once in a blue moon ring up he received from his zombie brother. But today has antics were most bizarre indeed, unlike the usual taking samples from seas and rivers.

Joe pulled out his prize beauty: an Alfa Romeo 678, a gift from Jamie on his sixteenth birthday. Hitting the accelerator, the ashen faced youth zipped past the Bayport Marina. His Gucci watch struck 7:05 am. One hour fifty five minutes to reach the Grand Canyon. Jamie was a maniac- 500 km in two hours. He angrily swept aside one of dangling curls. Now was the worst part. The city traffic. New York was one place Joe loved but today he felt like bombarding the place into smithereens. Another five minutes over. Joe thought he was racing in the F1 Formula Race. He had always been an avid fan of Sebastian…...

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