To Old to Learn

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Too Old To Learn?
HR 590
October 1, 2012

This article possess what many are going through on a daily bases. When companies are trying to transfer from paper pushing processes to a more computer software based company it’s harder on those who are not so computer savvy. Usually the people who seem to struggle the most are the middle age and older employees who haven’t grown up in an era where computers served a major purpose, whereas younger employees have had a lot of exposure and knowledge of technology and how it works. The case of Ed and Roger is a classic case of what is displayed in many companies. It’s the story of the younger employee having to teach the older employee how to use the computer and all of its many processes. This can have many situations result from it. The older employee could feel threatened by the younger employee (who have been there a fraction of the time that the older). Also the older employee could be opposed to change feeling that there isn’t any reason for the change. The younger employee could simply get irritated with the older employee and refuse to continue to help. I believe this is what happened in this case study. C.J. thought he was doing a great service and money by creating a mentoring program where the younger employees helped the older employees. This many work for some but not for all. I think that C.J. should have created a continuous training for the employees who have trouble with computers to get them on the same level as the new hires. This way they will have a support team filled with older employees who face the same problems and give the new hires time to get acclimated to the systems and learn the job thoroughly. This will also help in the case of age discrimination because of the given opportunity to become educated in the field of…...

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