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what is trench warfare and why was so much of World War 1 dominated by this method of fighting? how did trench warfare affect the duration of the war?

Trench Warfare is most commonly used in WWI and was not a war of velocity. It consisted of death because of infections from trench water: rain water that stayed in the trenches and often infected cuts. It was rat-infested do the soldiers never went hungry. Because of industrialization in the late 19th century or 1800s, new fancy war weapons came into style such as machine guns, generic tanks from Britain, and early dogfighting planes. Machine guns could mow down any amount of people in a matter of seconds because of its velocity and mass firing power.
To avoid those bullets each side dug ditches or trenches to take cover. Each side thought that by doing so, they could eventually take over the enemy by planting in. Most Europeans of that time were stubborn and the Germans were known to be belligerent people and the French to save their hides and the war's cause had no option to just not budge. English helped as well. Also, Germany came up with the Schlieffen Plan which was to fight two fronts: one in the west and in the east. They were killing Russians without much trouble but the English and French offered trouble so they had to stay in the western front and continue trench warfare in order to weaken the primary fighters in WWI.
The strategy was basically a war of attrition or to see who gives out first and then the visitor would swoop…...

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