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Trends and Challenges Paper
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In the world of business the use of performance management systems or annual performance appraisals is one that is viewed differently by each organization and management team. Although these two methods have some of the same characteristics, they also contrast in many ways. Performance appraisals can be an effective tool for organizations but along with many business techniques can be problematic. Another important method that should be practiced by organizations is the management of turnover rates. A swinging door of employees leaving and entering can quickly become a costly routine for an organization.
In this, the organization must make sure the employee is respected, treated fairly, and given an opportunity to speak his or her concerns. In a business world with labor laws employers have more competition of safe and friendly work environments. Safety and health management must be made a priority in all organizations. Safety and health regulations are put in place by laws and it is management’s job to ensure they are understood and followed regularly. These are just some of the responsibilities and challenges of management and will continue to change. Management should take steps to prepare for certain future challenges that may arise.
Management system versus annual performance appraisals Performance management systems and annual performance appraisals are two controversial topics in management and organizations. Although the two share some of the same qualities, they are not the same. The question of their effectiveness is what employees challenge the most. While the organization and management purpose may be to achieve the company’s mission and goals. Employees have another perspective, unfair, and unrealistic. According to the Human Resource website,…...

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