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When TRON was released in July of 1982 it was considered groundbreaking in its use of computer generated imagery (CGI). In his original review of TRON in the Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert (1982) called it “…a dazzling movie from Walt Disney in which computers have been used to make themselves romantic and glamorous.” He also added that, “In an age of amazing special effects, TRON is a state-of-the-art movie.” By comparing the way that CGI is used in a movie to its rank based on total gross sales it will show that CGI movies have steadily become more popular and dominate in gross sales since TRON was released.
TRON was created by Steven Lisberger in 1976 when he came up with the idea for what he called a neon warrior at his own design studio in California. He also took inspiration from the original game of Pong. In an interview almost two decades later Lisberger said, “And what happened was, I saw Pong, and I said, well, that's the arena for him.” (Lisberger, 2010). This statement was in reference to what would become the arena duel where discs of light are hurled at their opponent. Along with creating TRON he wrote the script and directed the movie. Lisberger was also the producer of TRON: Legacy which was released in December of 2010.
The movie centers around Kevin Flynn who finds himself transported inside of a circuit board to the world within. In this computer world when programs are no longer needed they are forced to fight other obsolete programs in arena battles to the deletion. Flynn is thought to be a program but it is discovered that he is a mythical user. He befriends a couple of programs and together they escape and have to travel to the portal back to the real world without being captured along with destroying the MCP (Master Control Program) on their way out.

TRON is considered by many as one of the pioneers of CGI usage in movies. Unlike…...

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