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Tribe: “Salubrious cognizant Moms”
The Salubrious Cognizant Moms consists of a network of homogeneous and systemic people linked by a shared passion towards a cultural and choice based belief. The psychological characteristics of this tribe are organized, picky, health conscious, social and radical. They believe in healthy eating, taste conscious and concerned about what they eat. The tribe members are family loving, educated professionals with very disciplined lifestyle. Salubrious Cognizant Moms are very busy professionals but insisted on eating at home and cook their food to their taste and were conscious about ingredients in the food being consumed by their family.
The culture-based characteristics of the Salubrious Cognizant Moms include moderate to high power distance with conservative behaviours. Among these families women usually makes grocery decision and checks the price, ingredients and nutrition value for everything they buy. Due to school going children in the family taste is of paramount importance.
The members of Salubrious Cognizant Moms passionately demonstrate family orientation, health consciousness and will carry that in all walks of their lives from workplace to home. They are generally women but there are exceptions where male head of the family goes for groceries and makes buying decision. They have very high uncertainty avoidance values and are not comfortable with uncertainty they seek better value proposition with optimized price, value and nutrition values. Salubrious Cognizant Moms members are smart and realistic with long-term orientation values.
Health foods skew to an older and/or more upscale audience. The 40-plus market has been described as a “growing segment of the population looking for healthy, low-cal foods.” With increasing age, calorie needs decrease for most men and women. Furthermore, this segment is the leading edge…...

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...藉由收集資料以及合理推測,先將TruEarth公司內部經營的情形與美國Pasta相關消費者的情況做一個了解後可以發現… * TruEarth:, 公司於1993年成立,加上創辦人DE Rosa年輕創業 | 是一間能讓消費者感覺年輕氣息的公司,專為出產麵食和醬汁,產品傳遞健康卻又能兼顧美味的訊息給民眾。 | Product line: | 1. standard pastas 2. whole grain pastas 3. tomato-based sauces 4. refrigerated fresh pastas 5. pastas with blended ingredients | 發展位置 | 為美國中部但Rigazzi比TruEarth更靠近五大湖區 | * 美國情形: 由美國人口調查局的資料,下表內容為美國個人收入和美國家庭收入,因為雙薪家庭的消費需求特別符合冷凍冷藏的加工產品,因為父母均有工作,生活忙碌,用餐時希望能夠得到快速又美味的Job to do.而又有一文章顯示: Among married-couple households, about 13 percent consisted of families with children in which only the husband worked, 31 percent were dual-income families with children, 25 percent were dual-income families with no children, and 31 percent consisted of other types of families, such as older married couples whose children no longer reside in the household.(資料來源: AmeriStat, tabulations from the Census Bureau's 2002 Current Population Survey (March Supplement).)因此,選出雙薪的家庭在全美是約有56%。 收入中位數等級 | 家庭 | 個人,25歲以上且有收入者 | 各種族家庭收入 | 所有家庭 收入 | 雙薪家庭 收入 | 每位家庭成員 收入 | 男性 | 女性 | 兩性合計 | 亞洲人 | 白人 非西班牙人 | 西班牙人 | 黑人 | $46,326 | $67,348 | $23,535 | $39,403 | $26,507 | $32,140 | $57,518 | $48,977 | $34,241 | $30,134 | 家庭年收入分佈狀況 | 最低 10% | 最低 20% | 最低 25% | 中間 33% | 中間 20% | 最高 25% | 最高 20% | 最高 5% | 最高 1.5% | 最高 1% | $0~$10,500 | $0~$18,500 | $0~$22,500 | $30,000~$62,500 | $35,000~$55,000 | $77,500~ | $92,000~ | $167,000~ | $250,000~ | $350,000~ | 來源:美國人口調查局(US Census Bureau),2006年;2005年收入數值 以上收入金額單位皆為美元。...

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