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Assignment: Understanding the Patient Intake Process
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HCR 220

Tekne, a Greek word which means an art or craft is where the word technology is derived from. Technology is the study or science of crafting, which are logia. The way in which healthcare is delivered is changing due to clinical information technologies. In an effort to support advancement and innovation of technologies in healthcare, research organizations are creating networks of delivery systems and health plans. The focus of this clinical information technology is centered on a prevention-based, consumer driven model of healthcare. The innovation of new technologies is dependent on many factors: Clinical accountability, consumer demand, research programs, medical advancements, population health targets and the capacity and resources as an industry for technology development. Innovation stimulates the industry to produce large quantities of medical devices and therefore promote them to the healthcare providers. The “clinical pull” of technology, is sometimes impervious with the “technology push" because physicians often resist the change of new technology due to its significance or its impact on day-to-day workflow (Protti, D). With the accessibility of computers, physicians are now able to look up information on his or her patients. Some physicians do not have the capability to write electronic prescriptions or digital health records. Physicians adopting clinical IT may be hindered by: Start-up and maintenance costs as well as significant costs of changing workflow that is necessary to use IT effectually. Promoting digital health data may inspire more physicians to convert to high-tech, according to the Center for Studying Health System Change.

The extensive use of information technology in routine…...

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