Unit Assignment Unit Iv Advanced Marketing Mba 5501

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Unit Assignment Unit IV
Advanced Marketing MBA 5501
Discuss what Brand elements would be most useful for differentiating your company’s brand from competing brands?

According to Kolter and Keller (2012) brand elements are components such as logos, slogans, design, symbol and name that are a trademark which identifies the company’s product.(p.- 250) This type of branding will differentiate Arimount’s Everlasting 24 deodorant brand from the other competitive deodorant brands. Arimount has been in the hygiene business for over twenty years and their brand, logo, and name, is currently established; so they will continue to use them. According to Differentiating: Alternative ways to differentiate. (2008) the design of a company’s product can make the difference in getting the sale.(Para.-5). Arimount‘s design team has created an packing for each individual gender. This special packing is an attempt to attract women, men and teenagers. So, the packaging and design need to reflect targeted consumers. The women and teenage girl’s line will be compact packing. This factor helps to provide easy storage for their purse. Also, the packing design will be composed of soft girly colors, such as purple, pink, light greens and soft baby blue. Secondly, the men and teenage boys packing line will be composed of, red, black, brown, dark forest green. In essence, packaging is a vital element that is needed to help appeal to consumers and peek their interest. The consumer will enjoy the fact that the product can be purchased at moderate pricing range and saves them money of buying hygiene products.

In addition, Arimount will advertise the product using athletic, outdoor, blue and white collar workers. Their advertisements will be marketed via internet, news paper, television commercials, radio, and magazines. Secondly, Arimount website will need to…...

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