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Unit Outline*

Supply Chain Management|
Dr Min Qiu|

Business School www.business.uwa.edu.au * This Unit Outline should be read in conjunction with the Business School Unit Outline Supplement available on the Current Students web site http://www.business.uwa.edu.au/students

TRLO8506/Shanghai/MQ/15.04.11. |
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Welcome to the study of supply chain management. The unit and the instructional material have been developed to cover a wide range of issues in supply chain management, which lays a foundation to study specific topics or techniques of logistics and supply chain in depth.
The objective of the unit is to enable students to achieve an understanding of the terms, concepts, and principles of logistics and supply chain management; the issues faced by logistics managers and new approaches to these issues; and the transport and other physical processes in logistics operations.
The lecturer is Associate Professor Min Qiu, a transport professional with 26 years of experince in transport, logistics and supply chain management, gained through teaching, research and…...

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