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Volunteer reflection vol·un·teer [vol-uhn-teer] noun 1.
A person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.
A person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

Volunteering is that act of commencement free services that one does in order to help an organization or simply an average person. Volunteer work is described in the simplest of words as, “kind”. Many people do volunteer work for many different reasons. People can also volunteer in a number of different places and ways. South Africa, Tanzia, Liberia, Uganda, Haiti and the United States are just a few of common countries that are frequently holding volunteer projects. The tasks volunteers could partake in are countless, but a couple would be education children and adults, preparing meals and ensuring food security, making sure the sick is aided to and taken care of, and help provide shelter to those in need. The common qualities that volunteers usually portray would be a recent college graduate, a student who needs to do field work in order to gain credits to graduate or someone who is looking to change fields in their career. Older middle aged people also may volunteer of course, their reasoning might be that they are retired and are looking for something to do while they are still “young”. Choosing the right place is not very hard; all you need to do is choose a place based on your interests, skills, and background. The place you choose is likely to give you an application to fill out to obtain your basic information. If the place is out of the country they are more than likely going to do more of an application. Volunteer work is available to all ages. Minors are usually needed to be accompanied by an adult, but are able to participate in all things. Volunteer work shouldn’t even be considered work, its selfless acts of…...

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...bull , who had been adopted out, and then returned, due to family issues. Her spirit was broken, and you could see the sadness in her face; she had lost her trust in humans. But slowly, she began to warm to gentle care again, and soon she was given a happy home. Then there was Teddy, an adorable mixed breed who had been at the shelter for almost six months. I was so happy the day he was finally adopted I also loved being with the cats, especially the kittens. I have never felt so naturing as when an especially shy kitten I had been trying to befriend for weeks came and sat on my lap. Every dog and cat had a unique story and character and it was really amazing to be part of their stories. There are so many different ways to help when volunteering at the animal shelter, and I had the opportunity to experience many of these options. Not only do shelters need volunteers daily to assist in taking care of the animals basic needs, but assistants in on-site and off-site adoptions, those who can do office paper work, and fosters are also needed. Unlike volunteers who only stay with the dogs a few hours a day or even a week, a foster’s responsibility is twenty-four hours a day, until the dog gets adopted. Not only must you care for the basic needs of the dog, but also try to make him a better candidate for adoption. This involves working on behavioral issues such as aggression, fear, barking, or biting. I had the privilege of fostering three dogs, a black lab-mix named Abel,......

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...Before 2012, I had no idea what volunteering would mean to me in the future. I was from Zhuhai, a small coastal city in South China. Just like most of the Chinese students, in 2012, I was under great pressure of getting into the “right schools”and facing the competition with nine million candidates. I was so busy struggling with tons of homework and endless reading materials. My teacher used to told us, if we failed in the college entrance exam, we would be a loser forever. Now I know she was lying. But I worked so hard at that time because I believe it was life or death. Deep in my heart, I have imagined more than once what my college life would be during the past three years in high school. 2012 is an important year in my life cause I finally became a college student. First, I chose sociology as my major, which made me have more opportunities to learn more about social problems, social policies and social welfare. But my real interest in volunteering started from the middle of the first semester. I joined a volunteering group in my college called Gaibang. The name Gaibang comes from a popular Chinese kung fu novel. This might probably be the best decision I’ve ever made. The first event I attended after I joined them was the blood drive they held. They worked with the local Red Cross in Zhuhai every semester. It was the first time I knew my blood type was actually AB Rh-negative. The doctor told me Rh-negative is a rare blood type, especially among us Asians. She......

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...Importance of Volunteering According to Statistics Canada, In 2010 an average of 54% of Nova Scotians volunteered that year with an average of 207 hours. Three years later it has decreased to 51% of voulnteers that year with an average of 181 hours, So why has it decreased instead of increased? There hasn't been a concrete reason but it is most likey due to the increased use of technology. In due time if numbers keep decreasing alot of programs and activities will be lost along with being united as a community. Volunteers support and strengthen a community, they deliver critical services and in the end they have a sense of accomplishment. Taking your time and effort to volunteer can make a difference in your communtiy and can make a difference within you. Firstly, by volunteering you will support and strengthen your community. Little things can be done to make a big difference such as tutoring the youth, taking part in afterschool programs, elderly services (inside and outside guest homes), by cleaning the beaches and parks throughout the community, and by taking part in the community events and fundraisers. Volunteers organize and help with all of these important services and they are needed every single day throughout your community. All of it makes a difference in everyone's day to day lives and it will make a postive influence and difference in your's. Secondly, by volunteering you will have a sense of accomplishment within your community. Volunteering not only......

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...2011​​ European​​ Year​​ of​​ Volunteering Volunteering​​ in​​ the​​ European​​ Union​​ with​​ main​​ focus​​ on​​ Polish​​ practices Radosław​​ Eryk​​ Bachorz​​ 001128610 Management​​ 3710A​​ -​​ Fall​​ 2011 Professor​​ Patty​​ Vadnais University​​ of​​ Lethbridge November 19th​​ 2011 Introduction 3 Volunteering​​ in​​ the​​ European​​ Union 4 Volunteering​​ in​​ Poland 5 Recent​​ trends​​ in​​ volunteering​​ in​​ European​​ Union​​ and​​ around​​ the​​ world 6 Challenges​​ of​​ volunteering​​ in​​ Poland 8 2011​​ European​​ Year​​ of​​ Volunteering 11 Strategic​​ partners 12 How​​ to​​ get​​ involved​​ in​​ volunteering​​ initiatives? 14 Poland​​ as​​ a​​ participant​​ of​​ 2011​​ European​​ Year​​ for​​ Volunteering 15 Polish​​ priorities​​ for​​ the​​ European​​ Year​​ of​​ Volunteering 16 Promoting​​ and​​ Communicating​​ the​​ message​​ of​​ EYV​​ 2011 17 Main​​ events 18 Beyond​​ 2011​​ –​​ Volunteering​​ Development​​ Plans​​ for​​ EU​​ and​​ Poland 19 Final​​ thoughts 24 Introduction Volunteering​​ fosters​​ social​​ cohesion​​ and​​ social​​ inclusion.​​ Volunteering​​ implies​​ sharing​​ and​​ helping​​ others,​​ and​​ in​​ this​​ way​​ develops​​ solidarity.​​ Voluntary​​ activities​​ increase​​ peoples’​​ tolerance​​ towards​​ disadvantaged​​ groups​​ in​​ society​​ and​​ help​​ reduce​​ racism​​ and​​ prejudice.​​ Volunteering​​ has​​ also​​ been​​ recognised​​ as​​ a​​ way​​ of​​ offering​​ new​​ learning​​......

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