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The Coming of WAAPA’s Dancers Showcase

By Wei Tang
The West Australian
August 26, 2013, 6:00 pm

The Fresh, which performed by Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) dance students will run about one week from tomorrow.

Mr. Anton Maz said that the performance would start at 7:30 tomorrow night and end with a matinee show at 2pm on this Saturday in Dolphin Theatre, West Australian University.

The fresh is the good way to show the cooperation of the different subjects. This is because WAAPA’s students design the creative dance works, beautiful stage, music and costume.

“The one of the most interesting programs in the Fresh is ZEHIRI by Shuling Wong” Mr. Maz said.

ZEHIRI try to expose the missing piece of the human puzzle, which was the powerful life instinct in the past, but people lost it now.

This instinct is the communication skills. Nowadays, people use social media every time. We sent the messages with the smart phone and computer, but rarely meet each other. As a result, lots of people have poor communication skills. However, the communication skill is necessary in our daily life. Therefore, this show can help people to think about this problem.

ZEHIRI is a good example of the Fresh; the dances show the focus in the modern society. All of dancers are required to think about the next big thing.

The Fresh dancers are consisting of some students from Bachelor of Arts, many Australian dancers and lots senior high school students. They are all quite young, the aging between 20 and 21.

The ticket price of the Fresh is bout $20 for students and $24 for adults, and the 30% of income of tickets are support the show.

In order to save the money, the Fresh considers the location and to avoid spending the unnecessary cash.

The Fresh is one of the activities of WAAPA. In addition, WAAPA provides the good quality performing…...

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