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Week 6 Knowledge CheckResults
Concepts Differences Between a Firm’s Social Obligation, Social Responsiveness, and Social Responsibility Green Approaches/ Shades of Green Model Factors to Determine Ethical Behavior Ways Managers can Encourage Ethical Behavior Mastery Questions




















Concept: Differences Between a Firm’s Social Obligation, Social Responsiveness, and Social Responsibility
Concepts Differences Between a Firm’s Social Obligation, Social Responsiveness, and Social Responsibility Mastery Questions





1.As a university student, your institution’s social principles and practices reflect on you, as a stakeholder, in the organization. Therefore, it is your right to question how these practices should be evaluated in relation to the social issues that your school is addressing. If your university was paying minimum wage when necessary and applying the minimum legal standards to its employees’ work environment, it would be said to have fulfilled its ________. A. B. C. D. social obligation social responsibility social responsiveness social expectation

Correct! An organization performs certain activities because it is obligated to do so to avoid economic or legal ramifications. By paying the minimum wage and applying standards, it is meeting its obligations.

2.As a university student, your institution’s social principles and practices reflect on you, as a stakeholder, in the organization. Therefore, it is your right to question how these practices should be evaluated in relation to the social issues that the school is addressing. If your university provides job-share programs, builds a day-care facility, and only uses recycled paper, it could be said to be ________. A. B. C. D. fulfilling its social obligation socially…...

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